si lo quieren todo manden dm

2022.01.18 13:52 Available_Whole4884 si lo quieren todo manden dm

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2022.01.18 13:52 KamartyMcFlyweight Map of Canadian territories currently occupied by invading armies from the Seattle, Minnesota, and Boston empires

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2022.01.18 13:52 H2OOPIPPY CHARITY BREAKDOWN : Charity page REMOVED from TPG website, figures hadn't been updated for MONTHS

I tried uploading this to TheTPG 4 or 5 times today, every time it fails to show on the sub. I think I am hitting the spam filter, waiting to hear back from the TheTPG mods. In the meantime I thought I would post it here:
'They seem to have removed the charity link from their sidebar but the page is still on their CMS. The numbers haven't been changed in 2 or 3 months and they were always.. well 6.83 is kinda strange number to end in. there's a typo on the page because of course there is a typo on the page.
also just as a sidenote the website has now all the credit card icons on the bottom with shit all no privacy info etc anywhere to be seen.' - u/lasskinn
The figures had remained the same for months, see here - a post with the same figures from 2 months ago.
Darby recommended a new charity 3 months ago - see here. The charity buildS skateparks for kids, providing 'opportunity for our youth'.
We have not heard of the 4DWN project since it was mentioned months ago and now the original charities are off the site?
This raises some serious concerns and in my mind there is no way that the 'charity' pivot was anything other than exploited as damage mitigation post blackout.
The original auction was removed (see here and here)
TPG claim they made 30 million in sales. Let us assume a generous average of 10% profit per deal, that leaves us at 3 million. TPG claimed to give the charities 5% of their profits 'divvied' between them.
Dare to Dream Foundation = $11,636.83
North Texas Food Bank = $12,136.83
Austin Street Shelter = $15,636.83
Magdalen House = $12,636.83
National Center for Missing & Explotied Children = $13,636.83. (they can't spell exploited)
Total = $65,684.15
This is 2.19%, not 5%. Even if they started donating 6 months ago (which allegedly they did) this is still low. I also reckon that Anthony would claim they made more than 10% average profit and thus more than 3 mil profits.
(also they made 32 mil total sales, so the figures would be even more out of whack than what my quick math shows).
Thanks to u/lasskinn for inspiring me to do some digging (OP)
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2022.01.18 13:52 UNCHARTED27 Oh no...

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2022.01.18 13:52 pjlangley React server components: flash of unstyled content (FOUC) with Tailwindcss

I've been trying out server components in Next.js, but I'm seeing a FOUC with Tailwindcss.
Here's a recording of what I mean:
Easy steps to reproduce:

  1. npx create-next-app --example with-tailwindcss with-tailwindcss-app.
  2. npm install next@latest react@rc react-dom@rc.
  3. Make file changes - see git diff below (package[-lock].json excluded for brevity).
  4. npm run dev
``` diff --git a/packages/with-tailwindcss-app/next.config.js b/packages/with-tailwindcss-app/next.config.js index 8b61df4..8e033a6 100644 --- a/packages/with-tailwindcss-app/next.config.js +++ b/packages/with-tailwindcss-app/next.config.js @@ -1,4 +1,8 @@ /** @type {import('next').NextConfig} */ module.exports = { + experimental: { + concurrentFeatures: true, + serverComponents: true, + }, reactStrictMode: true, } diff --git a/packages/with-tailwindcss-app/pages/index.tsx b/packages/with-tailwindcss-app/pages/index.tsx index 890e027..19d25bf 100644 --- a/packages/with-tailwindcss-app/pages/index.tsx +++ b/packages/with-tailwindcss-app/pages/index.tsx @@ -1,12 +1,7 @@ -import Head from 'next/head'
export default function Home() { return (
- - Create Next App - -

Note that I removed next/head because it says it's unsupported.
I tried renaming pages/index.tsx to pages.index.server.tsx, but it made no difference.
Does anyone know why this is happening? Am I misunderstanding something fundemental about the tech architecture for server components here?
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2022.01.18 13:52 roviuser Data visualization

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2022.01.18 13:52 sebanu000 Full Ad Darius - one shot- season 5

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2022.01.18 13:52 julia_ist_geil Bitte

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2022.01.18 13:52 catmduthy [NO SPOILERS] For the UK critters - Tal Dorei reborn is now in the UK store!

It's been a long day of waiting for it to be the 18th of January everywhere, but the UK store now has it. Hopefully the same for the European store.
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2022.01.18 13:52 kkodster Join Discord!!! FREE MANIACS!

Join Discord to enter!!! 🔥🔥🔥
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2022.01.18 13:52 ciganski_mitroljez TW OCTANE IN THE SHOP

Items starts to rise in price again, it was same when fennec, dominus were about to come, what's your opinion do you think it comes this month and what will happen with black market's prices
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2022.01.18 13:52 Shahar_d WTF

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2022.01.18 13:52 juleznailedit Inspired by my Spotify Wrapped aura! 💜💚

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2022.01.18 13:52 SE_to_NW Exclusive-U.S. examining Alibaba's cloud unit for national security risks - sources

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2022.01.18 13:52 YeahISupportLenin Guy posting on a conspiracy forum in 30 years time

"You do realise that Epstein died before he was convicted right? Ghislaine Maxwell didn't even get a fair trial and just because Prince Andrew lost a civil case doesn't mean he was actually guilty. Let me guess you think President Spacey had sex with kids too? You freaks really need to stop spreading this Pizzagate bullshit."
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2022.01.18 13:52 amari_harapeco What's a good team comp for abyss?

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2022.01.18 13:52 casett244 Remember the time Joel ordered vegan pizza and Jonas was disappointed? Bet that wasn't the first time.

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2022.01.18 13:52 StanMoonflyer Tolkien Goes Metal: The Ainulindalë

Okay so here’s what happened.
We're going Silmarillion here, first chapter. The Ainulindalë ("eye-new-LYNN-duh-lay") or "Music of the Holy Ones".
Forget everything you know about the universe. Unless you’re a flat earther. I hate to say it but that might help you here.
The Earth (the Middle-earth) is the center of the universe, the stars are not Suns. The Sun and Moon revolve around the Earth (and one is a flower and the other is a fruit).
Okay willing to accept that? Cool.
Now we’re going to go back before this version of the universe.
The universe does not exist yet.
And it’s fucking dark. Not emotionally, like visually, there are no images.
And there’s God. He’s called the One and the All-father. But this is totes God. He is invisible but if he was visible, he’s probably jacked af. Like a silver fox gym rat. Idk why. And he’s like, super loving, but stern when he needs to be. As if he was placed into the story by a devout Catholic. Anyway.
God creates the Ainur. The Ainur are the “holy ones”. They are basically angels.
So now there’s God and the angels. And there’s no sight for anyone right now. Its pitch darkness. But there is sound. So God plugged in the HDMI cable of existence, and it seems like it’s on the right input, but there is no picture, and everyone is wondering if he made the right decision getting talked into buying the Rocketfish brand cable at Best Buy.
Anyway all the angels have cool powers, but the best one is Melkor. Melkor in God’s plan is the head honcho. He’s the teacher’s pet, the favorite son. He’s the first angel, and the most powerful angel and he literally has a bit of everyone else’s powers. He is the shit.
Problem is, he kind of knows it. And he is curious about how God created them. Like, thats a cool power, right? He’s like “I have all these cool gifts, but the coolest gift is that dad created us from fucking nothing as far as I can tell.”
And hes like “dad how did you create us from nothing”
And God is like “the Flame Imperishable”
And Melkor is like “I want one”
And God is like “what? No. It's too expensive."
And Melkor is like “please?”
And God is like “No”
And Melkor is like “dad”
And God is like “Im composing music”
And Melkor is like “dad”, tugging on his sleeve,
And God is like “Oh my self, stawp! You’re not getting a Flame Imperishable and that’s that! You can’t even use it! Only I can use it.”
And then Melkor was like “whatever dad! Im gonna go to my room and bump into everything on the way because I CANNOT EVEN SEE” and then he stomps out of the room pointedly crashing into everything and loudly fake crying.
Anyway so Melkor doesn’t go to his room though, he goes into the Void. Its outside the bounds of the neighborhood. He’s not supposed to go there. And it’s fucking empty and depressing.
And he’s imagining all the stuff he would create if he had a Flame Imperishable. And how he would rule over it and be God of everything. And the first thing he imagines is definitely “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” by Green Day, and that’s what he’s listening to on his earpods while he’s walking around in nothingness sulking.
Then God finishes the song he’s composing and he calls all his kids into the family room to have a recital and sing his composition.
And it’s like, crazy beautiful. Its actually really good. And everyone has these voices that are different instruments. Some of the voices are also actually voices. It’s cool when you think about it.
But Melkor shows up late with a new haircut no one can see, but its very alternative, and he’s wearing eyeliner no one can see either, and his nails are painted black which blends in perfectly.
And God is like, “oh good my best singer! Join in Melkor!”
And Melkor is like “I wrote my OWN FUCKING MUSIC”
And he starts like wailing, and its the sound of rabbid badgers fucking in tin trash 🗑 cans on the 4th of July during a thunderstorm ⛈ in Hell.
And a lot of the other angels are like “oh fuck what is that fucking racket”, but some of the angels standing near Melkor, which probably includes this loner chick named Ungoliant who has the hots for the popular kid, are like “wow he's so cool for doing his own thing. Im gonna sing HIS song”
So now God is conducting his music but Melkor is making this discord and it’s an epic rap battle, basically.
So God starts taking pieces of Melkor’s music and improving it and putting it into his own song, and it’s getting awkward for everyone until everyone stops singing except for Melkor who sounds like Scuttle the seagull from the Little Mermaid.
And God is now staring at him and smiling at this idiot and Melkor is just unaware everyone had stopped.
And then God makes a new theme on the spot and starts singing it himself, and the new theme is like the most amazing new single any one could drop, and its all about these new kids on the block who are hanging tough, called Elves and Men.
And Melkor is like “WhaRrrgHh - WrAaaGggh” like an old diseased penguin dying.
And finally God is like “SHUT UP already”
And then Melkor finally shuts up.
And God is like “You think you’re so fucking cool, like you know everything, but I put you here and I give you an invisible roof over your head, and I let you do what you want, and this is how you thank me?? You can’t just sing a fucking song for 5 fucking minutes? I just wanted this to be a family night. Why can’t you be like your little brother Manwë? Listen to him with his flute just playing his part happily. See how well behaved he is?”
And Melkor is super embarrassed.
And God kneels down in front of Melkor and ruffles his hair and is like “you know what? I’m sorry. Look, its okay. I get it. You may think I'm not the coolest dad and you may be trying to rebel right now, but I took some of the elements of your song and I put it in mine. Cause I think there’s some good stuff there.”
And Melkor pretended to be happy about this, but really he was just super pissed.
And then God is like, “behold!”
And he fiddles with the HDMI cable on and everybody gasps cause they can see and it's super high def.
And the first thing they see is a vision of the universe, which as it turns out, is what they were creating with the magic song God composed.
And there’s a lot there that they didn’t know about, cause the brass section wasn’t paying attention to the drum section, that kind of thing. But also because that second theme God played, which really slaps, was totally new shit, and all the angels are amazed to see visions of Elves and Men, the Firstborn and the Followers. These are going to be totally new people, like them, children of God.
And Melkor sees snow and lava and extreme temperatures, and he realizes that’s some shit God did with his music. And there’s like, some real beauty there.
And he gets choked up, and he tells himself “you know what? Im gonna be a better son. And Im gonna help the others make this dream a reality.”
Cause its all just a vision really, and they now have to go into the Void and create the universe and like, really make it happen. Not from nothing. Cause only God can do that. With the Flame Imperishable 🔥 ♾. But he made this sandbox basically and now they have to make sand castles.
But secretly Melkor is jealous of the Elves and Men.
God is like “oh yeah by the way at the end of the universe we’re all gonna sing again and everything will be perfect, and Ill even give everyone a Flame Imperishable and you can all create stuff. That’s great right?”
And Melkor is cringe smiling and is like “can’t wait to meet my new little siblings!”
But inside he is boiling fucking mad. Everyone is gonna get one?? And who are these fucking new kids??
But he shoves that thought down deep.
Dont let them see. And its not true anyway. You just want to help. You don't want to destroy God's shit. You don't want to create your own shit. You don't want to be God. This is fine. Everything is fine. 👀
But he has his little followers now, and he has his festering jealousy and his bubbling wrath, and his extreme power … and his fate is pretty much sealed.
Meanwhile all the other angels are oohing and awwing. Manwe is like "I love wind! Isn't wind great!"
And there's a girl named Varda that later Frodo will call "Elbereth" when he's taking a stab at a Witch King. But she's like "I love light! I'm gonna put em everywhere."
And there was this game named Ulmo that would always end up being best friend of God's kids, and he was like "wow do I love water. You can still hear the Music in it! This is rad."
And to this day we still hear that music and that's why we love the beach. And that's why if you don't want to jump into a relationship you should not take your date to the beach at 🌅 sunset cause you have no chance. It's like Let's Get It On by Marvin Gaye times a thousand.
So that’s how everything began.
The end.
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2022.01.18 13:52 Livid-Fix366 Hey everyone. I recently released this alternative/blues/rock song. I use a lot of blues playing and some slide for the rhythm. If you’ve got the time, I’d appreciate a quick listen. I appreciate your time and consideration.

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2022.01.18 13:52 ofcourseiknohimhesme WHO?! WHO DOES NOT WANT TO HODL THE BBIG?!?

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2022.01.18 13:52 ComradeCunnilingus69 NOVOSIBSIRKS TNO REFEREANCEEEEE!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!??!

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2022.01.18 13:52 MostWantedBandit Supporting the company I love in every way possible!

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2022.01.18 13:52 ScaredEngine8202 How do I defend MK in arena 6?

I'm on arena 6 and sometimes somehow a guy just pulls out an MK and I can't respond to it cuz I only have mini tanks on my deck (mini Pekka and bby dragon) so how do I defend against MK?
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2022.01.18 13:52 Captainmanic Report: Nuclear propulsion would help military satellites maneuver out of harm’s way - SpaceNews

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2022.01.18 13:52 criterioncast Time: Time in the Mind

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