yo angelo

2022.01.18 12:44 TaskuActo4 yo angelo

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2022.01.18 12:44 washingupliquid04 Smear test

I was wondering if there is any connection between ehlers danlos and difficult smear tests? There might not be, but I’m just troubleshooting. I’ve tried to go for one 3 times now and it’s never been able to be completed (twice before diagnosis, once afterwards - this afternoon lol). The nurse is able to get the speculum in but when it opens it is extremely painful- so sore that I am not able to tolerate it for more than a second. Has anyone else had problems like this? I have a phone call with the doctor later in the week so hopefully we can find a solution then. No idea if this is connected to EDS or if there’s some other thing, but would be useful to know if anyone else has had similar issues.
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2022.01.18 12:44 Possible_Living Do you like Genetic Recurrence as a concept in a story?

As seen in the movie Jupiter Ascending (2015). Idea that combination of your exact genome can naturally happen again thus making that person your genetic reincarnation.
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2022.01.18 12:44 ryaninrl Saving for retirement?

I've recently received a teaching contract with an Ontario public board after years of short-term assignments, and have been doing some research into pension. I'm 32 now, which would put my 85 Factor somewhere around 58 years of age. My question is, with the Ontario Teacher's Pension Plan being as good as it is, is it necessary for me to focus on saving for retirement, or would it be more beneficial to focus on things that will improve my quality of life in the present? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!
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2022.01.18 12:44 Other_Boat3915 Questions about ACT

So I was planning to use ACT to improve myself, but i have a few questions:
1: Is there a risk to get caught even if I don't tell anyone? 2: Does the plugin connect to the internet in any way?
Thank you for your help
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2022.01.18 12:44 Guilty_Active_6263 QC Check Before Getting Shipped Out

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2022.01.18 12:44 Missy_Elliott_Smith Comics from a Hundred Years Ago - Jan. 18th, 1922

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2022.01.18 12:44 niuz-bot Cum se organizează profesorii pentru greva de avertisment de miercuri. Nu se vor face ore în intervalul 11.00-13.00 - [Actualitate][Educatie]

Miercuri între orele 11.00-13.00 cadrele didactice care sunt membre ale sindicatelor vor fi în grevă de avertisment și nu vor face ore. Un document transmis membrilor Federației Sindicatelor Libere din Învățământ arată cum se organizează greva de miercuri.
Citeste in continuare: https://www.hotnews.ro/stiri-educatie-25309158-cum-organizeaza-profesorii-pentru-greva-avertisment-miercuri-nu-vor-face-ore-intervalul-11-00-13-00.htm
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2022.01.18 12:44 OwOooOK Hello! I'm an osu mapper and i need some help, I'm currently working on this song and im stuck at the bpm change at the 6:15 mark, does anyone know how to calculated a gradual bpm increase accurately?? Thank-you ;_;

Hello! I'm an osu mapper and i need some help, I'm currently working on this song and im stuck at the bpm change at the 6:15 mark, does anyone know how to calculated a gradual bpm increase accurately?? Thank-you ;_; submitted by OwOooOK to osugame [link] [comments]

2022.01.18 12:44 RC3H1 Cable run for LMR400

So most sites sell 10M/32' LMR cable and most homes in North America are 20-30 feet tall. I am trying to establish whether 10M/32' will run from my chimney to at least the closest room on the ground floor (almost vertical except slope on roof to chimney). Anyone had issues with judging the wrong length of cable needed or have any advice? Could get 40' cable to be sure but I hear that I would drop dbi.
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2022.01.18 12:44 learning2luvme4me Second time restarting.

Hi all, this is my second time restarting 75 Hard within the past week and a half only. Initially I was discouraged, and thought about scrapping the entire challenge overall. The following thoughts I had would be the ones that stuck with me long enough to continue on with the challenge, despite failing every week:

  1. It’s not about how I fall, it’s about how I get back up.
  2. Nobody truly cares if I fail your personal goals except you (some may suffer from my personal choices, but truly caring about what I do with my life is on me).
  3. I can restart as many times as the sun rises for me each morning.
  4. A failed challenge is an opportunity to adjust and grow better with prioritizing each time.
Every time I think about giving up on the challenge, I remember my why and the why of this challenge—to build self-esteem, confidence, and resilience through doing hard shit. Here’s to restarting again.
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2022.01.18 12:44 Schnitzelinski I wish Doggerland existed.

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2022.01.18 12:44 Upstairs-Milk9595 Personal issues with a store!

So I hussle dvds into cex every other Sunday but the Cex where I live actually hate me the face I get when I go in is disgusting and honestly feel like they want to plot my death lol they even told me "do I like to ruin their day and every other stores I go into" apparently they have to stay behind 30 minutes because the volume of items I bring in? 2 carrier bags full of dvds I could bring in a hell of alot more but I don't! They don't do this to anyone else with a large volume of items! can they actually talk to you like? I'm actually sure I heard them saying stuff about us under their breath! And give u literally the dirtiest look ever face even goes red with anger It's just this one store that makes you feel unwanted! I thought that was there job? Or am I mistaken.
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2022.01.18 12:44 Physical-List-2811 This ad 🤮

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2022.01.18 12:44 gambler_no_1 Why do I have to dismiss or ok every time, also it doesn’t go away, very annoying!

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2022.01.18 12:44 buparwiggum Danny - "Love you like that" bugged?

Is there a bug in final stage? On the two long notes after a long note with a direction early in the final stage I'm getting a great despite anything I try, there's 2 notes and there is no way I'm not hitting them close enough for one to be perfect+ and the other great?
Wondering if anyone has had the same/similar?
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2022.01.18 12:44 memoriesofcold Fake COVID-19 Testing Sites Are Scamming Vulnerable Communities Across the US | Fraudulent pop-up testing sites are spreading — and BIPOC and low-income neighborhoods may be most at risk.

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2022.01.18 12:44 ardyparty24 Portable Outdoor Drying System?

Hi all! Looking for recommendations for a portable outdoor drying rack/system. I've never liked the one I have, and it just broke so I'm taking it as a chance to upgrade.
I don't have an option to hang a permanent clothes line, and I will be moving in a few months so would like something that can come with us to the new house. Any suggestions much appreciated! I have a set of clothes pins already, just need something to clip them onto :)
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2022.01.18 12:44 nervous_toast Just arrived!

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2022.01.18 12:44 kellowstone A question for the early (2010-2012) Marina fans

When I saw a thread looking for contact with early fans a question popped in my head. Posts like this were surely made before but if anyone bothers to answer- what do you think about Marina's change over the years? What era was your favorite and are you as fond of her music as back then? Any thoughts are welcome, really.
I discovered Marina pretty late, it was 2016 right when Froot was about to wrap up and she'd go on a hiatus so... yeah, not a fun time considering I didn't like L+F. I still think TFJ was her best work, mixed with Froot and ADIAML. A part of me wishes she kept her bonkers and sometimes hard to understand writing style, these days she strikes me a liiiiiiittle bit too rhymy and literal with her lyrics.
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2022.01.18 12:44 AmySharpton Peloton is hiking up prices, blaming inflation

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2022.01.18 12:44 boop_po Who feels it

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2022.01.18 12:44 devkar13 Is my betta dying?

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2022.01.18 12:44 niceandbluuuu Kutvolgyi Sara?

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2022.01.18 12:44 davemetz84 [WTS] Agency arms gen 4 slide (KS)

Urban combat gen 4 with rmr cut, comes with agency’s rmr screws and recoil spring. It does not have the rmr plate I lost it. $700 shipped and insured.
PayPal g&s
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