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Video: Is Harvard Racist?

Skip to page content. Skip to page content The China Historical Geographic Information System, CHGIS, is a free database of placenames and historical administrative units for the Chinese Dynasties. CHGIS provides a base GIS platform for researchers to use in spatial analysis or to visualize the historical divisions of China as digital maps. FreeSurfer Software Suite An open source software suite for processing and analyzing (human) brain MRI images. Skullstripping; Image Registration MSN We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. MSN Welcome to the Harvard/MIT MD-PhD Program " Training the next-generation of premier and diverse physician-scientist leaders " Welcome! Program Overview, Loren Walensky, MD-PhD Program Director. Support our Students! The Linda Burnley Fund for MD-PhD Education at Harvard and MIT. Track the economic impacts of COVID-19 on people, businesses, and communities across the United States in real time. Home | Harvard Business Publishing Education Complete video of Michael Sandel's 'Justice: What's The Right Thing To Do?' course on ethics at Harvard University. Includes episode guide, readings, discussion circle and press releases along with his biography and 2009 Reith lectures.

2021.11.27 13:36 Post-YouTube Video: Is Harvard Racist?

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2021.11.27 13:36 KaraTiele Battle of Myriokephalon (Düzbel), 1176. Istanbul Military Museum,Turkey. Part of the Byzantine–Seljuk Wars

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2021.11.27 13:36 Imperial_Fist_Bumps In preparation for Wonderlands, I made Tiny Tina's Mimic

In preparation for Wonderlands, I made Tiny Tina's Mimic submitted by Imperial_Fist_Bumps to borderlands3 [link] [comments]

2021.11.27 13:36 Gamma-Illusion Arsenal's Passing Network vs Newcastle United (Twitter: @chunhang7)

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2021.11.27 13:36 RobbySkateboard Best upgrades?

I was wondering if someone could post some good links to how to do some of the best upgrades? I've had my ender 3v2 in my house for like a year and now I'm moving it out to the woodshop. I'm building a box to keep it clean and figured this would be the time to some upgrades. I have the stronger bed springs and a dual gear extruder already installed. I also have a pi loaded with octoprint but I'd like to know more about custom firmwares like clipper and what other mods people do. I see a lot of cooling mods. Is that so you can print faster? Because the stock fans have served me well so far? I'm looking to upgrade parts to make it faster ideally.
Thanks for any help
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2021.11.27 13:36 maggi_iopgott Guys seriously Shanks will never make a move, because that would create to much of an imbalance and it would end in total chaos for the world of One Piece.

So as I said, think this through. As cool as the character is and as much as I would love to see him in action, it wouldn't fit his nature to compete in the battle for the throne. Just think of how the character appeared and acted when we saw him, it was always in the mission or more likely the intention of keeping some kind of balance up. That's why he met up with Whitebeard in the first place to tell him, if he went further down the path of hunting Teach it could lead to greater misery. And what surprise it did. Also he showed up at Marineford to stop further bloodsheed because if the battle would have continued it would have lead to the downfall of the Marines and on an later end the world. And what do you think, why the 5 Elders had an audience with him, one of the most searched and dangerous man for the government? Because they know he is trying to keep the world stable and wouldn't act against them necessarily too because then there would be four emperors trying to overthrow the government. So for me Shanks is a place holder, who is just filling the place of the 4th Emperor, so nobody of evil nature can become an emperor who will try to overtake the world too. I also think Shanks doesn't really care about being an emperor he is of the Luffy kind, just be free and live like you want to. Also he got Luffy! So technically he already tossed his hat (no pun intended) into the ring . He knows Luffy is meant to become pirate king, after he heard him talk like Roger. So he more or less provides the way for him, which also backs up why he will never make a move, because then he would have to move against Luffy to. In that way there is one less person who would fall into Luffys back. But I think they will meet soon and then Shanks will tell Luffy a view things, so he realizes what weight he has to carry now on his shoulders while being an emperor.
So guys I hope you liked it and please don't take it to seriously it is just a suggestion to simply rethink things a little different.
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2021.11.27 13:36 Spirited_Work_4997 Mermaid 🧜‍♀️ Listed on cmc, cg incoming 🚀 $600K MC 💥 1991 Holders 💰 bitcoin rewards daily

Mermaid Token is a bitcoin reward contract that pays holders in bitcoin. No need to claim just hold the Mermaid token in your wallet and you will earn Bitcoins.
✅ Listed on CMC
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Mermaid already did a 1500x ... we are looking to do another 100x now!!
Fate has brought you and Mermaid Token 🧜‍♀️ together. Mermaid Token will now be your guide through this journey together on the search for financial freedom, he knows the adventure ahead will not be easy as there terrible creature in the crypto world.
Mermaid Token will do everything in his power to keep you by her side and stay away from the ghastly creatures. Mermaid Token has a few tricks up his sleeves to achieve this, he cross your palm with $BTC for staying by her side and HODLING, but that’s not all…. within Mermaid Token’s lamp he has a secret, when the buys, volume and belief is high, his magic lamp will fill up with $BTC and randomly drop them in a believer’s wallet….MAGIC
🏷️ Contract Address: 0x24aaB487c308AE0266EBd2802be39105B75e00fd
Pancakeswap: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x24aaB487c308AE0266EBd2802be39105B75e00fd
🔹 Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0x24aaB487c308AE0266EBd2802be39105B75e00fd#readContract
🔐Liquidity Lock 1 YEAR🔒 https://deeplock.io/lock/0x0d40864d501a3ff94c646a63a6e687a8bcf73125
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2021.11.27 13:36 Top_Suggestion8573 My actions created a rift between my husband and his family - how do I fix things?

I don’t normally post on these things but I am losing my mind. Earlier this week, my young nephew ran over and killed our uncle’s dog with an ATV. It was an accident that several members of the family witnessed as it was happening. My husband was on top of the ATV powerless to stop it and my sister in law was in the back, and wasn’t able to stop it either. I watched the whole thing unfold in front of my eyes screaming and yelling at the top of my lungs for them to stop the vehicle as I watched the most horrific thing I have ever seen. In complete shock, I did something I haven’t done before and started yelling and screaming and swearing. I blamed the family for letting him drive, I blamed him for not paying attention, and I cussed and swore while I was doing it. I was beside myself with rage and anger at what I had just witnessed. I said a lot of things I would’ve have never said had I not been in that complete state of shock. And while I do regret what I said, I don’t think I could have reacted any differently. I’m still haunted by the images I saw every time I have a moment alone.
Unfortunately rather than focus on the fact that a young child should have never been driving the ATV or that his mother wasn’t paying attention or any number of other things, the family has chosen to focus on what I said. They believe that I have burned all the bridges with them and that I am going to have to work very hard to rebuild them. They’re upset that I made my nephew feel bad and that I wasn’t able to “be an adult” and comfort him. I’m upset about that too.
I needed time to cool down and get my head on back straight but because I needed time to process, they’re mad that I didn’t immediately apologize and grovel and make amends. Now they won’t accept my apology because I waited too long. And through all of this my husband has had my back even though he’s severely traumatized (he feels very responsible even though he wasn’t inside of the cab of the ATV). I would honestly do anything if it meant him feeling better about everything. I don’t want to be the reason why we stop having a positive relationship with his family but at this point it really feels like they’ve at least cut me off and that I am no longer welcome. My husband asked if we could at least talk to my nephew and we were told he would call us in a few hours - the phone call never came and we never got a reason why. I don’t know how to move forward.
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2021.11.27 13:36 verklaus Linux, Judo, unicycles and … Baywatch?! How Vivaldi and Manjaro aim above the ordinary. | Vivaldi Browser

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2021.11.27 13:36 peenisflytrap Back to the future 2 from tastebudz

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2021.11.27 13:36 eThunderSnow Flag of out-jerked in the wild

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2021.11.27 13:36 Sufficient-Jicama780 The Quintessential Quintuples box set on sale at target for $35

The Quintessential Quintuples box set on sale at target for $35
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2021.11.27 13:36 playerlsaysr69 Hey Rich Twats That Play CoDM don't be offended when someone calls you poor by playing this game but you do the same thing to others

Hey Rich Twats That Play CoDM don't be offended when someone calls you poor by playing this game but you do the same thing to others submitted by playerlsaysr69 to CallOfDutyMobile [link] [comments]

2021.11.27 13:36 Wilsonation2591 [USA-PA] [H] PayPal, cash [W] PlayStation 5 disc or Xbox Series X

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2021.11.27 13:36 anteater112 Don’t hurt me

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2021.11.27 13:36 Michaelsmith331 One of my artwork. Would love to hear your thoughts 🙂

One of my artwork. Would love to hear your thoughts 🙂 submitted by Michaelsmith331 to WildernessBackpacking [link] [comments]

2021.11.27 13:36 doomguy666142 Yes

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2021.11.27 13:36 Kierannlx Painful conclusion I’ve come to recently: some ideas and concepts are great thoughts/brief images at best, but one cannot create a novel or a book out of them.

I feel a strong need to elaborate. I’ve always fantasised about a seemingly perfect idea of some extraterrestrial existence that was seriously like nothing I’ve ever seen in fiction works. I still hold it very dear to me because I created the protagonist of the story when I was 10 and he’s unique in all aspects, to say the least. So you can tell how determined i was to makes this work. But unfortunately, as exciting as working on this project was, it was persistently disappointing. Almost a year now and I’ve noticed I write very beautifully when I’m working on other projects, but this one just seems to be going nowhere as a book (although the storyline has been fully developed and briefed) it’s just that I can’t create “content” out of it. I hope I’m making sense. Sometimes I feel like it would be better as a comic or a movie, because it’s almost entirely heavy on its visuals that are painfully difficult to describe in detail without straying from the plot line.
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2021.11.27 13:36 AdamHarkus Escaping Your Creative Blocks

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2021.11.27 13:36 TotesRandomer List of chromebooks sortable by AUE ?

Hello friends,
My beloved Pixelbook has bitten the dust so I'm in the market for a replacement and I've decided AUE is probably my most important metric (I love watching the OS develop).
I've had a brief look for the above but thought it might be better to just ask... :)
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2021.11.27 13:36 Top_Location Weekend Sip: Move over holiday favorites like mulled wine and egg nog: This famed cherry liqueur is perfect for Hanukkah

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2021.11.27 13:36 WhatTheActualMark The Spectacular Spider-Man Fan-Edit 5 - You're That Spider Guy (Rescored and re-edited)

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2021.11.27 13:36 dirkiceman DT 177X GO & my journey of finding the perfect earpads

I purchased the 177X half a year ago, and despite how much I loved the sound of these cans, I found that both earpads (stock velour & dekoni sheepskin) provided upon purchase were not to my liking, hence my decision to find the perfect pads for the 177x.
I figured some people on this forum might be going through the same thing, so I've decided to write down my experience with the many pads I'd tried, including the ones that I eventually settled on.
It is crucial to note that different people desire different sound signatures, so the particular sound signature I'm looking for might not be exactly the same as yours.
Also, comfort plays a huge part in my decision to find the right pads, and I don't know if my ears are shaped weirdly or what, but A LOT of headphones that people generally consider extremely comfortable, are simply too small and shallow for my ears, and that includes cans like Sundara, Sony Xm3, Meze Classic, LCD1, dt 880... The ones that I DO find comfortable are the Sennheiser cans and the DT 770. The stock velour pads on 177x go is too shallow and hard that my ears are constantly touching the form inside.
To sum up in one sentence, the pads I'm looking for is something that resembles the sound of the stock velour with maybe just a tiny bit more bass, and the comfort of the sheepskin but with less bass and less heat buildup overtime on my ears.
So, if you're also trying to find a pair of pads that'll achieve these criteria, you're in luck!

I had a pair of these lying around from when I was using them on the dt 770.
Impression: EXTREMELY COMFORTABLE. I was so happy at first when I put it on that I thought this is it. Very soon after I realized that the bass is too strong. They are like the more comfy version of the Dekoni Sheepskin, but with MUCH stronger bass and slightly better soundstage. I like them, but on some songs the bass were so strong that they bled into the mids so much I literally can't perceive the notes other than just OOMPH OOMPH OOMPH. So, move on to the next one.

Brainwavz XL Perforated
Like many people, I decided to try this per Zeos' recommendation.
Impression: The diameter of these pads are too wide and the padding are too soft that my ears got hot very quickly and the pads failed to provide a good seal. They also cut down the bass for a bit too much. Also, after getting used to the quality of Dekoni pads, the Brainwavz just feels cheap by comparison (and they ARE much cheaper, so there's that). Still, if all you're looking for is to cut down the bass with a much larger earpads that's cheap, these are your pads. For me, onto the next one.

Dekoni Choice Suede
I love Sennheiser's earpads, and they're all made of micro-suede, so Dekoni Choice Suede naturally became my next hope.
Impression: The bass are WAYYYY too strong. I was hopeful at first because ideally, Suede will cut down some bass...right? Wrong. The bass on the 177x became insane and overpowering, and the mids and trebles felt recessed. I was surprise at first as well, and then I found this on Dekoni's official website:
Scroll down to the frequency response, and you'll find that the bass ARE boosted drastically while the mids and trebles are cut down substantially. I understand the headphones they're measuring are 1990 and not 177x, but since both cans use the same driver with similar build (most of all, what I heard DOES match this FR), I think the it's safe to say that I was warned. On top of that, the suede on these pads actually leaves residue very easily. On to the next one.

Dekoni Elite Velour
At some point I realized that: if what I'm looking for is essentially the similar sound signature to the stock velour but with better comfort, then why don't I give Elite Velour a try? So I did.
Impression: The total opposite of what happened with the Suede pads. The bass were removed way too much. How much, you asked? Well, I have a pair of HD 6XX, and the bass on the 177x with the Dekoni Elite Velour is on the same level, if not a bit LESS, than the bass of HD 6XX. Considering 6XX is a open-back headphones with an infamous low frequency roll off...yeah, not great. On to the next one.

Dekoni Hybrid, aka, ULTIMATE WINNER
At this point my reasoning of trying out the Hybrid is this: I like the velour surface, but the bass is cut off too much; I like the sheepskin texture and comfort, but it's too hot against my skin; I like the perforated sound, but Brainwavz just feels...cheap and not very comfortable.
So this is it. Dekoni Hybrid. It has everything I wanted. The sound and the comfort. The velour felt amazing on my skin, the size of the earpads is perfect, and the perforated (fenestrated) interior does not cut down the mids and trebles at all while giving a slight bass boost from the stock velour. This is it, the pads I'll be keeping.
DT 177X go are my daily driver now, and they're fantastic, especially with these pads.
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2021.11.27 13:36 blank_inside psg forever

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2021.11.27 13:36 piejam Since everyone is memeing, I'd like to point out a grave hypocrisy

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