This doesn’t seem like a flower. Can zebra haworthias have flying kids?

2021.11.27 14:21 villalobosignacio This doesn’t seem like a flower. Can zebra haworthias have flying kids?

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2021.11.27 14:21 DistressedMemer Succ

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A lot of the albums and artists I find that are being recommended online are good but they have more of a whishy washy sound if you know what I mean, sparkling highs and shimmering winds and stuff. That stuff is great but I tend to really enjoy the more rhythmic slow pulsating bass type ambient stuff and I can hardly find any of it. Can you throw some good names at me?
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2021.11.27 14:21 thoughtyouwerewoke Guns, authority and the false since of power.

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2021.11.27 14:21 Coddy56 The game is working properly

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2021.11.27 14:21 nitram_gamer18 set up facha

set up facha
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2021.11.27 14:21 Lt_Snuffles Story behind this store name? Close to Rockefeller center in NYC

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2021.11.27 14:21 Illustrious-Hall-981 Guy said I Love You WAY too soon

This guy I’ve been hooking up with for a couple months just texted me “I Love You”. We’ve only hooked up 3 or 4 times and I haven’t been able to the past few weeks because I have a lot of family stuff going on. We hadn’t even been on a date, we talked about it but didn’t plan anything. I want to keep seeing him, even date him, but I don’t love him yet I hardly know him. How should I handle this situation? Should I just stop seeing him or can I handle this delicately? Please no hate comments thanks
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2021.11.27 14:21 iridael Snow Chapter 32

First chapter
previous chapter
[Next Chapter]
Striding down into the hideout I unpack the engrams from the crawler onto the floor and look them over before grabbing the eye and tossing it to Snow who’s at the kitchen. “You were successful?” he says.
“Yea, the sandcrawler is about the same size as the first one I killed.” I tell him pulling out my blade and slicing into the caracapice with my knife letting just enough charge out to melt the edges of the natural armour plating.
“Do you want some help?” Snow asks.
“If you don't mind.” I reply and snow joins me with his own blade and we cut the shell into sizable chunks. Snow cutting the curved sections into overlapping rectangles whilst I shape a breastplate.
“Where does the light come from?” I ask
“Hmm. The traveller is the obvious answer. The great machine. The sower. It had a number of names. But in the end of days we found that it served the light, spreading it across the universe rather than encompassing the light...the light is life. The burning fire of creation if you like. The primordial essence that gives cause to reality.”
“So the Light is life? All life. What about the darkness then? All death?” I ask
“Yes. the dark is its opposite, as I mentioned before. In a universe where there is only light, life flourishes. In the dark only a single entity has the right of existence, whatever will behind the darkness itself will end up ruling alone.” Snow answers.
“But where did it come from?” I ask
Snow finishes slicing his plates into shape and begins slicing tiny rectangular holes in the back, to attach buckles and belts too. “The same place as the light I would guess. Where there is life. There must be death. It is the way of the universe. Everything ends, but an ending is just another beginning.”
“And if the balance is disrupted too much what? Stagnation or extermination?” I say.
“Precicely. Remember when you wield the light it is most powerful protecting life. When you wield the darkness it is most powerful serving yourself. Now tell me more about these tribals.” he asks.
I finish telling my story as we finish carving up the shell into armoured plates. There were curved plates roughly the size to go around my legs, some of the leg segments I’d taken would serve as gauntlets and arm guards and the largest plates would serve as the front and back of a breast plate. The eye and remains of the head segment were left alone.
Without any hint of shame I strip off my stillsuit and form it into a green engram before feeding it the various chunks of chitin watching the engram brighten before mutating into a blue engram then as i feed it the last of the shell it looks like it will mutate to a purple engram but doesn't. Picking it up I picture the armour plating over my stillsuit perfectly integrated into the outfit providing protection to my torso legs and arms but allowing the full range of movement. Then I break open the engram and watch the glitter erupt and form into an armoured still suit.
“Well done.” Snow says, looking the suit over. “I think you should try it on. For modesty sake if nothing else.”
“Come on, who am I embarrassing the bats?” I ask but I do as he says and start to slide the suit on. The addition of the armour plates makes the whole thing a bit harder to fit on but I’d rather have the protection going forwards and if I’d learnt one thing, these bugs could take a damn hit.
When i finished putting it on I moved around, rolled my shoulders and kicked my legs whilst Snow walked around me occasionally yanking on a piece. “You seem to have gone for armour that favours mobility.” he notes.
“Well I need to be able to survive a hit, but there’s no point just letting something hit me if i can help it.” I say.
“A hunter point of view. Protect what's important, protect what keeps you alive. The rest can be healed when the fight is over.” Snow nods. “Lets work on the helmet now.” he says. Moving to the kitchen table where the eyeball is steadily oozing into a bowl. I hand him my helmet and let him work, he combines the bugs head, eye and my helmet into another blue engram much faster than I could before handing a completely different helmet to me.
It has the same overall shape as my old helmet but now there’s a single glass eyepiece in the center and two black fangs come down across the air filter on the front giving it the appearance of one of the sandcrawlers other than that the smooth dull metal has been replaced with brown-yellow matt patterns that form across the rough exterior of the helmet. Sliding it on it fits just as comfortably as before but now instead of a red outlined vision with a slightly limited field of view.
It's like I'm seeing the world through a wide angle lense, as I look out into the geode my vision narrows and zooms in before widening out depending on my focus. It threatened to disorient me but I place a hand on the ledge and focus. Instantly the view stabilizes, I pick a tree and my vision flies forwards until I can see the tree and its surroundings. I try and pick a rock jutting out of the geode floor further away but my vision doesn't zoom much further.
“Everything worked out well?” Snow asks.
“It's a bit different. But I’ll get used to it.” I say.
“Good. because your training is complete. I know I promised six months but I think you’re ready to continue your journey.” he says.
I pull off my helmet and stare at him, ghost ever the helpful little thing pops out and asks for me. “But where do we go? I don't think we’re ready for a war yet.”
“Well thats something I’ve put some thought into. Ghost do you think you can repair a light fold engine if we had one?”
“I can repair anything, I was a Titans ghost, remember. We get good at fixing things.”
“Because titans break things?” I quip.
“Enough. Rest for the night. Tomorrow we’re going to head to the ship and then if all goes well. Home.”
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2021.11.27 14:21 peappyX How do u cheat in planetside 2?

is it save to use CE in planetside 2 to earn certs? if so how do you do it (what value to search for)?
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2021.11.27 14:21 ChisNullStR My height is ...

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2021.11.27 14:21 Heroesnconspiracies7 Selling tickets to Brian Fallon on December 18th

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2021.11.27 14:21 lajf234 Cast iron cookery not a thing in SG?

I’ve been following castiron for some time and I’m leaning towards getting a cast iron pan for my future home, though still undecided. Mainly because I like to make smash burgers and it’s done best with cast iron. Currently doing it with Tefal non-stick pan but very high heat isn’t good on non-stick. I’ve looked around a bit but there’s almost no cast iron cookery at all. Went to takashimaya today and saw 2 brands but the prices shocked me(Le Creuset, Staub).
From what I see on castiron, their pans are all very cheap(not even close to $50). I also watched a YouTube video and he said $160 for a cast iron pan is high end already, but Staub’s is a whopping $398. What??
Does no one use cast iron in SG? If anyone is using it, how much did you get yours and from where?
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2021.11.27 14:21 Anithyngs JIMMY NOOO

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2021.11.27 14:21 Ca_Pussi What was something somebody did for you that was extremely weird yet appreciated in the moment?

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2021.11.27 14:21 jobsinanywhere Kanye West Lakers & Kings Basketball Game: Photo-Hollywood Life

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2021.11.27 14:21 Connect_Repair4635 It will be a hot December, get ready for #ICO Round 2 create an account here

It will be a hot December, get ready for #ICO Round 2 create an account here
download our app to see the potential of #QuarashiNetwork, the new #Crypto ecosystem which is also a #Wallet
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2021.11.27 14:21 Curious_Cut_707 STONKS | 🚀8 Days Old 🚀 | $250k MCap 📈 | Ads 7/24 Live 🚀| 606 holders | Be early in the next 1000x moonshot 🚀

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We are making a platform that allows taking long and short positions on conventional stock market indexes (such as NASDAQ, S&P 500 etc.) via decentralized crypto network. It is possible by creating a liquidity pool that absorbs market orders from both sides of the market by storing stable coins along with crypto tokens that reflect prices of given indexes.
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2022 Q3
⚡️ live on mainnet ⭐️1b mcap ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
It's only the beginning
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2021.11.27 14:21 t3hOutlaw England to reintroduce mask wearing in shops and public transport.
sad trumpet
Good luck reintroducing those regulations Boris.
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2021.11.27 14:21 mtnbikr808 (Reuploaded) old Boss will not give me last check in person. Claims it was mailed. Goes to my new boss and violates whistle blower laws and blackmails me in attempt to get me fired. All this because I wouldn't work a single Sunday. Was also never formally terminated.

(Reuploaded) old Boss will not give me last check in person. Claims it was mailed. Goes to my new boss and violates whistle blower laws and blackmails me in attempt to get me fired. All this because I wouldn't work a single Sunday. Was also never formally terminated. submitted by mtnbikr808 to antiwork [link] [comments]

2021.11.27 14:21 Independent-Eye6126 Lyft Driver $1000 Bonus Promo Code

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2021.11.27 14:21 TK503 Are you on PC and wondered why you've never heard anyone talk in game, even in ranked? I have the bug fix solution for you!

Go to the control panel> hardware and sounds> sound> click the playback tab on the new window that pops up.
These are all the possible audio sources your computer can use.. You may have a bunch or you may have very few.
Only one of them should be enabled as the default device and actively playing sound.
In my case, my dual monitors have speakers inside them. They were for some reason set to be enabled even though my real speakers were set to default and in use. Even more odd is my monitors were playing no sound.. however, this is where the in game chat is defaulting to.
The fix is to right click and disable the active audio source(s) that aren't your default option. That easy.
343, you may consider this post my resume. 😎
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2021.11.27 14:21 aeddub Ebou Dar

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2021.11.27 14:21 disoccupatoavita331 Primo esame in assoluto, come fare?

A dicembre ho il primo esame in assoluto, quello di Fondamenti di Informatica, non mi sono ancora prenotato e non so se lo farò. Questo dovrebbe essere l'esame più facile del primo anno, ma non vuol dire che la materia in sé è facile, ho quasi finito di studiare il programma della materia (che fondamentalmente è poca roba), questo esame è solo orale ma per accedere all'orale è necessario superare un "test selettivo". Fatto sta che io sto morendo di ansia, nel caso passassi il test e facessi l'orale, come dovrei comportarmi? Io tendo ad andare nel pallone per via dell'ansia a volte, ho paura che se ciò succede durante l'esame le conseguenze saranno molto gravi... Voi mi consigliate di prenotarmi per l'esame anche se non sono sicuro?
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2021.11.27 14:21 artin0323 Ubi really needs to find a way to make the game fun even if you're losing

"if you're having fun, you're opponent isn't" that pretty much sums up the game, it's not just when losing, 9/10 matches are frustrating because of how many ways there are to exploit game mechanics, whether it's light/bash spam, cheap ledge kills that are in the stupidest spots ever, and also getting put with the most braindead teammates that you have to carry all by yourself. The maps are boring, revenge is near usless when enemies can just run away and you can't catch up before it runs out, busted I-frames and movesets, the list just goes on and on with things that make the game aggravating to play, Ubisoft needs to do an operation health to actually improve the game because the fact that there is a whole sub dedicated to ranting shows how stressful it is to play
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