Launch Control XL mk2 or Akai APC40 mk2?

2021.11.27 14:50 stmo31 Launch Control XL mk2 or Akai APC40 mk2?

Hi! I would like your opinions about the title dilemma. I find myself craving some knobs and faders for Ableton production and live set.
I am not interested in Push 2 (had one, sold it), although if ableton staff is listening a apc40 style controller but with the style and quality of push 2 would be a best seller. (I'd love a faderfox combo but it is waaaaaay out of my budget)
Anyway, I already have a Launchpad X for clips and playing and I was amazed by the quality of the product.
So, since I have no use for the apc40 pad I would like your opinions about the two controllers, if you own any of these and what you suggest given the compared prices 150e vs 300e
(in my region I have trouble finding these two used)
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2021.11.27 14:50 Poggerlord5678 I dont get it. For real I dont

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2021.11.27 14:50 Ordinary_Craft WordPress Bootcamp for Beginners: Build Your Own Website - limited for 1000 Enrolls

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2021.11.27 14:50 texas_stevo Who’s going to the bengals chargers game next weekend?

Coming from STL sitting in section 148 anyone making the trip?
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2021.11.27 14:50 Beethonoven My parrot hates me, AMA

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2021.11.27 14:50 bachdelluna To all of you beautiful souls resealing your lulu for reasonable prices? 🙏 My pink heart is bursting 💕 💕💕

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2021.11.27 14:50 loganissus [H] 2 month xbox gamepass ultimate [W] $30 amazon, apple or robux Gift Card

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2021.11.27 14:50 alkaline-batteries Would you be in favor of the development of the technology to resurrect the dead as zombies for use as slave labor? Why or why not?

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2021.11.27 14:50 Crafty_Ad2563 What other platforms host GYEN? And can I really transfer it out of my Coinbase now?

Their email seems to imply that I can move GYEN out of my account, but I don't know any platforms that I can have a GYEN address. I need to test out if what they're saying is true, because GYEN is the last thing I need to move out of my portfolio to get off this scammy Coinbase platform.
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2021.11.27 14:50 terrestrialreader Solaris – by Stanisław Lem – The Terrestrial Reader

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2021.11.27 14:50 SnooDonuts937 New date alert. Note tactical upvote to increase visibility and subsequent disappointment.

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2021.11.27 14:50 suraish Money got deducted on ENBD app even though payment did not go through...what are next steps?

Hi everyone, i just tried to purchase something from centerpoint app...the payment did not go through but the amount was deducted from my emirates NBD account. Rbis is the first time something like this has happened and I'm at a loss what to do...I sent an email to ENBD but from past experiences I dont think they will ever respond. Do you think the amount will be credited back..or I have lost it? I dont even know whom I can contact or whether I should attempt to make the purchase once life sucks.
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2021.11.27 14:50 Ott621 Straps for pelvic tilt

My shoulder straps feel awesome and make life better as I work on I guess traditional correction
Is there an equivalent for forward pelvic tilt? I like how my tummy is smaller when I force the most correct posture possible
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2021.11.27 14:50 Quiet-Act3247 after watching Brandon 4 a bit, I am addicted to saying HOME BOY DOSUS AND AYO

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2021.11.27 14:50 ElectronicHamster773 [For Hire] One-Stop-Shop for All your Homework Needs

📷 “Hello, I'm Carolyne I have been tutoring for 4 years now and it's truly been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I've helped so many students achieve their academic goals year after year and I know that YOU are more than capable of doing the same with the right help. My rates start from as low as $15 per page. The cost is based on the course level and date of delivery. To save more, order your paper as early as possible. Moreover, to start off, I give you 20% DISCOUNT on your 1ST ORDER. I can help with the following among others; Admission essays|| Capstone projects|| Statistical analysis|| Dissertation help|| Book reviews|| Annotated bibliography|| Case studies|| Thesis paper|| Excel and PowerPoint presentations|| Lab reports|| Essays writing services|| Reflection papers|| Math, and much more
All papers are written as per the provided instructions. To order, just DM or email: Discord: maluking#3418
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2021.11.27 14:50 Eisblume2000 /msg Log Mod? (Fabric Server)

Is there any serverside Fabric mod that logs every /msg message so I can look at what the people wrote?
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2021.11.27 14:50 awannaLicv6 $9097+ IN FREE $ MEGA LIST: Webull, M1, Public, Abra, Nexo, SoFiMoney/Invest/Loans, Gemini, Voyager, BlockFi, Coinlist, Cake, Chase, Porte, Aspiration, Stash, Chime, OKCoin, Moomoo, Root, Visible, Robinhood, Acorns, Chase Freedom, DiscoverIT, SkyOne, Coinbase, Personal Capital,, etc!
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2021.11.27 14:50 LabrosKordolemis Through the Looking-Glass (2021)

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2021.11.27 14:50 GrowthSpirited Has anyone else even been able to grab a family photo of all of your cats together?

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2021.11.27 14:50 freethepirates1 New to C++. Want to creat a program with a JSON REST API

I found this API that I want to use in a program that I’ll create from scratch. I only have a college C++ course under my belt. I want this program to operate in an enterprise environment, primarily utilising Windows 10 systems. Maybe I would deploy it in a cloud environment, like AWS, as a cloud app. It would have a file uploaded in .xml format and that would automatically push through the API to the final destination.
Where do I begin?
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2021.11.27 14:50 AvailableArachnid281 LL.B GLOBAL LAW doubts

Hi guys, I'm an IBDP student who's applying for the LL.b Global law 2022 course in Tilburg. The Tilburg website says that I need to fill out a "matching form" it has around 8 questions, how did you guys go about it ?
- The last question in the matching form asks us to "discuss a global issue and what law might have to say to this issue" I dont have much experience with law, how should I approach this question ?
- Did you guys need to write a personal statement ?
- I dont have much experience with debating / public speaking, will that play a role in my application ?
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2021.11.27 14:50 SJBurns28804 Problems with Metallic Nights edition I-Type fil with the Polaroid Lab?

Has anyone had an issue with the ejection of the Metallic Nights edition film with the Lab? The film is beautifully bordered—the tones of the border really accentuate the colors in the film. I’ve noticed that the film just doesn’t eject from my Polaroid Lab, even if I try to coax the film out in a darkroom so it will “catch” on the rollers. This doesn’t seem to be a problem (in my experience) with any of the other types of film.
The colored border seems to be an overlay foil; I wonder if this increases the thickness ever so slightly to cause a problem with either the pick that initially brings the film forward, the thickness of the gap in the front of the film cassette to prevent more than one sheet of film being ejected, or a roller issue.
I’m going to send a note to Polaroid. I’m curious if others have had this problem. Thanks—Steve
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2021.11.27 14:50 Madaradditz Heatran x2 8716 5919 1945 & 4511 8846 3421

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2021.11.27 14:50 Buffcluff Guys this is one of the best crypto projects I have seen in a long time. Adacash! They have grown so much in their little time out and have already expanded into two other projects that benefit this original one!

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2021.11.27 14:50 West-Ad-4169 She looks gorgeous

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