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2021.11.27 15:26 11korp 04261054111

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2021.11.27 15:26 mysteryd_ lofi hip-hop sessions : chill instrumental beats playlist.

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2021.11.27 15:26 dal_segno As of today I've finally 100%'d my AC amiibo card collection, including variants!

As of today I've finally 100%'d my AC amiibo card collection, including variants! submitted by dal_segno to amiibo [link] [comments]

2021.11.27 15:26 Wootdini Razer Basilisk Wired V3 Review: Potential but needs a run

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2021.11.27 15:26 the_ultimate_ghgjfhj I'm worried about my labor

I'm 17 weeks pregnant with my second child and so far it's been an incredibly easy pregnancy, I'm having only slight nausea some days, unlike my first pregnancy where I was practically immovable from the symptoms. But I feel like I've gotten so lucky so far my labor will excruciating. My first child was a micro preemie, being born at 2 pounds. I'm just worried something even worse will happen. Some encouragement would be nice, though I'm sure how much it would even help.
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2021.11.27 15:26 williamtun123 I have good grades but I go to a bad school, will that lower my chances of getting accepted by a prestigious university

I currently attend a school that has a C- grading niche. I have As and Bs and perform well in school.
Can the grade of my school affect my chances of going into a good college?
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2021.11.27 15:26 lefoso 🎄 Cute Santa 🎄 | Fair Launching in 1 hour ⏳ | 1000x potential 🚀 | Experienced Team 🔥 | DOGE rewards 🎁 | Anti-Whale 🐳

Cute Santa fair launch today at 7 PM UTC.
What is Cute Santa?
Cute Santa is a reward token. Every 60 minutes, DOGE dividends will be sent to your wallet, if you hold at least 200.000 tokens. You can also manually claim your dividends in the main contract. Also each transaction you make will automatically claim your dividends. The longer you hold the more you earn!
A max wallet of 1.25% and max transaction of 0,5% allows it to prevent big wallets and dumps. The initial liquidity will be locked for several months into the deepest of the deepest locks and will be below 5 BNB so this token has the chance to go absolutely parabolic!
Tokenomics: 100,000,000,000 Total supply 50% of the tokens are burned to ensure more token value 1.25% max wallet to prevent whales 0.5% max tx to prevent dumps
Tax 18% for buy & sell: 10% in DOGE reward 5% to locked liquidity pool 3% to marketing and buyback Slippage is ~18.5% (18% + 0,5% Pancake)
Links & Social Media: 💰Website: Cutesanta.cash 💰Twitter: https://twitter.com/CuteSanta 💰Telegram: https://t.me/CuteSanta
Contract - Will be on the twitter and telegram once it fair launches
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2021.11.27 15:26 zuleyha84 55% off >> $17.99 >> Drillpro 23pcs Chamfer Countersunk Drill Bit Set Banggood Coupon Promo Code [Poland Warehouse]

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2021.11.27 15:26 sheni20 Lepasa project has developed

Lepasa project has developed by a strong and promising team and a long-term opportunity to make big profits from this project. I believe that this project is a successful project with great success team
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2021.11.27 15:26 yukonwilder14 Greenway Achieves Positive Adjusted EBITDA In First Reported Quarter of Revenue

They were only selling for two months in this quarter. Better quarters still to come. :)
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2021.11.27 15:26 SexyDegen Cruz Challenges Mayorkas On "Biden Cages" At Border: I Don't Know What You Are Referring To.

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2021.11.27 15:26 FilipChA I thought you guys here could appreciate the Slovak Radio Building in Bratislava, even if it is the other way around

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2021.11.27 15:26 wes_ZA [H] Huntsman Knife Blue Steel FT [W] Classic Knife Blue Steel FT ||Nomad Knife Blue Steel FT or Stained MW || Paracord Knife Stained FT or Blue Steel FT || Survival Knife Night Stripe MW or Blue Steel MW || Ursus Knife Blue Steel MW or Damascus Steel MW or Night Stripe MW or Ultraviolet FT

B/O: Classic Knife Blue Steel FT Nomad Knife Blue Steel FT Nomad Knife Stained MW Paracord Knife Stained FT Paracord Knife Blue Steel FT Survival Knife Night Stripe MW Survival Knife Blue Steel MW Ursus Knife Blue Steel MW Ursus Knife Damascus Steel MW Ursus Knife Night Stripe MW Ursus Knife Ultraviolet FT
Tradelink: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffenew/?partner=129037427&token=qAmcqRMN
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2021.11.27 15:26 meme_creator-8 🗿🗿🗿🗿😐😂

یه سوال....اگه مرد به زور یه زنو بکنه میشه تجاوز ولی اگه یه زن بزور کیر یه مردو بکنه تو کصش اسمش چیه؟؟؟میشه سکس؟؟مگه تو سکس فقط زن باید راضی باشه؟؟این مرد سالاری ای که ازش حرف میزنید کجاس؟!
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2021.11.27 15:26 jharris480 Just Another Day at the Office

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2021.11.27 15:26 Incident_Fluffy Madden 22 PS4 League Season 1 Week 16 29/32 teams filled currently

Madden 22 PS4 League Season 1 Week 16 29/32 teams filled currently.
Madden 22 PS4 League. Currently have 29/32 users. Teams available are 49ers, Chiefs,and Football Team If your interested please DM me to join our discord. Below you will find details about the league.
Settings: Competitive mode Regular teams 7 minute Quarters Accelerated clock PS4 GOTW 24-48 hrs advance windows
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2021.11.27 15:26 xS3Qx No Sound with Realtek HD Driver

I have an issue with latest drivers (Realtek HD Audio) and getting no sound. I get a bad static, but it goes away when i uninstall the Realtek HD Audio driver. Just upgraded to Win10 yesterday which started the problem. Reinstalled Windows twice, have used all updated drivers... My Win8.1 hard drive still works fine.
Win10 21H2 MSI x470 Gaming Plus Ryzen 5 32 GB Ram 3070ti FE
Are there any later drivers to get my sound back?
Front and Back panel on computer wont send out sound, even though windows recognizes when you plug in headphones. Im only getting sound out of the HDMI cable coming from the GPU.
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2021.11.27 15:26 Ashamed_Vegetable431 The Monopolist - LOCKED STAKING AVAILABLE

  1. Get ready to stake $MONO on Monday, 29 November - 4 PM UTC
  2. Save the date and hop on board. $MONO will go to the Moon
Don’t forget to stay updated on their latest news for more information!
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2021.11.27 15:26 PlaggConfess Anyone have cheese recommendations?

Heyo kids, it's me that Plagg guy. Not that I'm getting tired of camembert or anything but I kinda wanna try out some new cheeses. Just curious what other wonderul cheeses people have made whilst I was gone the last idk 10 thousand years. Any recommendations? I'll try any cheese once.
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2021.11.27 15:26 GrandpaLykoi What are some niche couple quirks?

I want my couple to have something cute and frequent in their relationship but not huge. ML already has a book of all of his favourite moments with FL which is cutesy.
I’m more looking for something that both parties participate in. An example of this is marking when they kiss on a calendar with the colour of whoever kissed first. But, I don’t want to use that one because I saw it in one of my favourite works.
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2021.11.27 15:26 ochaoji Best (sensibly priced) cable and/or tech choice/combination?

I'm using Composite right now, but I've just ordered Component... I'm hoping this will be better.
My TV doesn't have scart or s-video, but wondered what's the best?
Is s-video better than component? And then if so, is there a way to get that converted for modern TVs, maybe back to component or hdmi?
Any help appreciated
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2021.11.27 15:26 lyingcorn What EV's should I run on my attacking blissey set?

So right off the bat, I think I should answer the question I think most of you have right now... It's going to be a special set
Ok but in all seriousness, I decided to entertain the idea of an attacking blissey set for a few reasons, those being:
75 special attack is useable. Like, I know it's not good but concidering the fact that blissey can live basically any special hit under the sun, I think it can use that spA to deal a good chunk to the oppsing team
Blissey gets the amazing ability serene grace, which can give moves like flamethrower a scary 20% burn chance, Ice beam a 20% freeze chance, thunderbolt a 20%/ thunder a 60% paralyses chance, Tri attack 40% chance to do all 3 or shadow ball a 40% chance to lower to opponents special attack
Blissey predicting the kartana switch and OHKO'ing it with flamethrower sounds funny (0 SpA Blissey Flamethrower vs. 0HP / 252+ SpD Kartana: 272-324 (105 - 125%) -- guaranteed OHKO)
The main problem with coming up a set for this is definitely the EV's. Like, do I go special attack and hp? Do I go special attack and speed? Do I even invest in special attack in the first place? I'm probably going to try out all of these, but I kind of want a starting point to go with this stragety, can I have some tips?
(Also to anyone saying "this is such a bad stragety", do you really think I'm using this because it's good? I know it's shit, I just think using it will be fun)
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2021.11.27 15:26 Give_me_a_slap Optimus vs Omicron

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2021.11.27 15:26 RegExrBot Funko Pop! Deluxe Marvel: Avengers Assemble Series - Hulk Amazon Exclusive Figure 2 Of 6 & Pop! Deluxe Marvel: Avengers Assemble Series - Iron Man Amazon Exclusive Figure 1 Of 6 now available at Amazon

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2021.11.27 15:26 beluganefasta1 Quando que acontecem as eleições?

Não conheço muito sobre a politicagem do náutico, nem voto, mas Edno não me parece uma no escolha! Está na cara que Hélio não se da bem com ele, não me passa confiança alguma.
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