MODS - If "mormon" is considered a victory for Satan, and this sub is named "Mormon," why is T$€€ considered "prajorative" while Satan's "mormon" slur is given a pass.

2021.11.28 01:50 RadioActiveWildMan MODS - If "mormon" is considered a victory for Satan, and this sub is named "Mormon," why is T$€€ considered "prajorative" while Satan's "mormon" slur is given a pass.

Just trying to understand, because a comment I posted got an automod delete notification...
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2021.11.28 01:50 Verifiedvenuz What were the themes of the stolen century?

I remember being really enamored at the time, when I first saw it, with the themes of love and connection. But it's been a while and everything's a bit vague in my mind now. Can I have a refresher on the message?
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2021.11.28 01:50 Rosepedals145 You can buy pitfall seed DIY from Nook's Cranny!

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2021.11.28 01:50 Dameamsmatter What do you think of my mask

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2021.11.28 01:50 stuartekul Picked up my first JDM car. 1988 Mazda RX7 Infini with 66 thousands kms.

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2021.11.28 01:50 SurrealAbstract Does anyone know what this could be with my Pitbulls ear?

She is almost 10 years old in Human years Pitbull Got fixed I'm 2018
Her ear has been bothering her and I was able to get a couple pictures with an Otoscope. She is scratching her ear and shaking her head.
She has a vet appointment in 2 weeks but I was wondering if there is anything I can do to help her in the meantime. I have been trying zymox for the past 3 days and this seems to be the only OTC medication that seems to have helped her at all. I tried some liquid ear cleanser but that doesn't help, I tried some stuff for yeast but I think it irritates her
Well here are the photos. Thank you!
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2021.11.28 01:50 lmaogetbodied32 I just can’t get the imagery out of my head.

It’s simply demonic. It’s nothing but demonic. Ever since I watched that single video about MGM being performed on a newborn, I cannot get the devices out of my head, the way the baby is screaming, the way the “doctor”’s hands move so nonchalantly. The way the clamp twirls around the cut off skin. The darker than blood appearance of the exposed glans, left exposed as nothing but an open wound.
Why?? You can tell me every reason, be it profit, be it religion, be it pedophilia, be it trauma repetition, but I still cannot comprehend it. Why???
The worst part is I went through that. And I have a scar to remind me of it. I was just a defenseless 8 month old. I had nothing wrong with my genitals. My father always had boasted about promising to protect me, that he quit smoking cold turkey just to make me safe as I was growing up. How tragic and how ironic. Whenever my exposed glans touches fabric it feels like nails prickling into my body, even after 18 years of keratinisation. I hate that I have to shave down there just so I don’t feel as much discomfort. I hate that even if my parents have been remorseful, even if they sympathised with me, even if they have bawled their eyes out as I explained detail by detail how they mutilated me, they cannot do a single thing to reverse it.
I hate the snobs and cowardly men justifying it under insignificant “health benefits”. I hate how it is hand-waved by society. I wish I could project one of these videos to these minds just so they break out of their pragmatic and emotionless mind that relies on data saying it prevents HIV by 1%.
How can such a demonic ritual still exist? Are we sure that these religious people aren’t satanists themselves? How can doctors still deceive people knowing the pain and suffering that they cause? How can any of them sleep at night after doing 5 of these per day routinely. How???
People supposedly despise child abuse, but then do this to their kids. I just do not understand it. This world has gone too much into itself that it cannot see reason.
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2021.11.28 01:50 EggOne8640 It begins....

Has anyone else seen the "cancel dopesick and hulu" tik toks and posts going around? I found one today someone shared on Facebook and wow. These people are mad because they believe it's all propaganda to make it harder for them to get pain management....
As someone who had a family member struggle and eventually pass from an oxy addiction.....just wow. Am I the only one who thinks these people are so short-sighted? It wasn't about the drug; it's about how unethically purdue pharma brought oxy to the market and how the Sacklers lied in marketing about how addictive it was. They're the reason pain medication is hard to get because they created the addicts who'd lie to Dr's to get their fix. Not all of dopesick is real, but for heck sake, it's based off a book that gives actual information. Like 🤦‍♀️ just sad they don't see the bigger picture with this!
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2021.11.28 01:50 cryptochartsbot Thoughts on $BTC #Bitcoin! See Inca1382's idea on TradingView below.

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2021.11.28 01:50 Dare2no How do I make this board a slick cruiser.

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2021.11.28 01:50 ohyouwillseemeoften A Virtual Real Estate Plot Has Just Sold For A RECORD $2.4 MILLION

A Plot Of Virtual Real Estate In The Online World Decentraland Has JuST sold for record $2.4 million. the buyer, TOKENS.COM, Bought A Patch of real estate for 618,000 mana, which was around $2,428,740 at the time.
The Land Is In The "Fashion Street" Area Of Decentraland's MaP And Said It Would Be Used TO Host Digital Fashion Events AND SELL virtual clothing for avatars..
It is made of 116 smaller parcels, measuring 52.5 square feet each, making the land 6,090 virtual square feet in size.
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2021.11.28 01:50 AMP_Mosaic_1 Wave, Anne Marie Price (me), stained glass mosaic, 2020

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2021.11.28 01:50 InVodkaVeritas How can we get more teachers of color and queer teachers to apply for open positions?

I work for a very progressive private school in Oregon, and have regular conversations with people on DEI committees at 2 other progressive private schools in the region.
You would think, being progressive schools in the pacific northwest, that we would have an abundance of non-white, non-female, and/or queer educators applying for open positions. But any time a new position opens we're lucky to have 1 qualified candidate in 20, which makes hiring with diversity in mind a lot of difficult.
Why don't more apply for progressive private school openings? We pay the same as or better than public with a smaller class size and an actively progressive mentality...
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2021.11.28 01:50 bvttfvcker I realize I just shitposted, my bad. Funny enough, this came up under a different sub and I thought I’d share. Market manipulation isn’t JUST forcing people to buy with negative enforcement mechanics. I got BUY, I got HODL, I got DRS, whatchuwant?

I realize I just shitposted, my bad. Funny enough, this came up under a different sub and I thought I’d share. Market manipulation isn’t JUST forcing people to buy with negative enforcement mechanics. I got BUY, I got HODL, I got DRS, whatchuwant? submitted by bvttfvcker to Superstonk [link] [comments]

2021.11.28 01:50 Peanut-34 Every time I begin to realize I’m dreaming, I am attacked and usually killed…how do I protect myself?

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2021.11.28 01:50 lady_bug16 Is it possible for a kindergarten age child to abuse another?

I know that it’s normal for kids to experiment (to an extent) and be curious about sex and genitals and things like that when they are young. For the longest time, that’s what I thought I did with my friend.
He had just learned what sex was, and he wanted to try it. He told me what it was (P goes in V) and I had never heard of it, but I said we could because we were both curious. I don’t really remember how I was feeling during it, but I distinctly remember that I didn’t want to do it again. He kept saying he wanted to do it again, and i kept saying no, but in the end, I guess I told him it was okay?
We did it for the last time when I was 9, and he was 10. On one hand, I feel like it was wrong for me to be pressured into sexual stuff when I was literally 4 years old. It was wrong for a 9 year old girl to be terrified she was pregnant somehow.
But on the other hand, I know he wasn’t evil and he wasn’t trying to do anything bad. He did pressure me into it, but he never truly forced me, and he was so young…
I’m insecure about this because he’s the youngest “abuser” in any COCSA story I’ve ever heard of, and it just feels wrong to call him that word. Plus, how could this story ever compare to someone else’s true abuse story. I’m afraid I’m just grasping at straws trying to call this something it’s not. I don’t even remember any strong feelings about what happened, good or bad. Sometimes I feel very small and vulnerable all of a sudden when I think about it, or my stomach will hurt, but at the moment it just feels like nothing.
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2021.11.28 01:50 Lower_Friendship5805 Idk what to do anymore

Any advice on how to deal with this? I dont even want to leave my house anymore/can’t without getting or feeling sick. I feel like my life is ruined because i cant enjoy anything. I cant even make it on 15 minute car rides sometimes. I get so much anxiety about getting sick that I think it’s starting to cause me to actually get sick. I dont want to hangout with friends, go on trips, be anywhere but mine or my boyfriends house because I know I can get sick there. The thought of being somewhere and having to sprint to find the unknown bathroom location or being around people in public while im getting sick all the time is scary. I really don’t know what to do anymore.
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2021.11.28 01:50 doritoes_20 If there’s a prop gun the works it’s either a very realistic prop gun or a fake prop gun

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2021.11.28 01:50 Cerberlity Why wasn't an original Ghostbusters song included in the Afterlife before the end?

I knew it was in the trailer. And I expected it in some way in the Afterlife. But alas, it only appeared in the end. I thought for sure the three original characters would show up when needed and I expected the song to play as they help out. I feel like it's such a lost opportunity to make the feelings in the moment even stronger. Or maybe play it after Egon's ghost joined in and the team reunited. Still like it a lot though, very sentimental.
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2021.11.28 01:50 ImABarbriGirl Any other women who have trouble on their period?

Hi all,
My apologies if this doesn't belong here, but my PCP has been extremely unhelpful and I want to gather some more information before making another appointment.
Over the past month, I have been experiencing a sudden onset of GI issues (straining to pass stool, increased flatulence when I previously didn't fart much at all, bloating for HOURS after late-night meals, incomplete evacuation).
One symptom that I'm wondering if any women have experienced is the lack of free-flowing blood on their period? By this I mean, when all my symptoms started, my periods also changed: the blood no longer freely comes out. Instead, it only comes out when I'm on the toilet, and I push a ton of blood out all at once, at the same time that I pee.
This, in combination with my other symptoms, and in particular the incomplete evacuation and the difficulty in getting stool out (I never feel the stool travel all the way down my rectum anymore—I always have to push, it seems, starting from higher up in my bowels), makes me think it could be PFD.
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2021.11.28 01:50 Bayoneto Help with online magicka 2

I'm trying to play magicka 2 with my friend but we can't use steam remote play for some reason, and whenever we try to make paradox interactive accounts it just says "can't connect to paradox servers".
What can we do to make this work?
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2021.11.28 01:50 amnesiac7 Your plastic recyclables are getting shipped overseas, not made into shiny new products

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2021.11.28 01:50 PinatasandNachos I captured this sunset this afternoon

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2021.11.28 01:50 chainley Does anyone remember this clothing item?

Probably close to circa 2013, my mom purchased 3 pairs of leggings that were a spandex material for me. The leggings came up super high to conceal the stomach area. Each pair came with a matching spandex tank top. I had them in brown, black and navy. Does anyone know what brand these were?? I wore them so much that eventually I had to get rid of them due to wear and tear and now I cannot remember the brand. Thanks!!
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2021.11.28 01:50 Grayfox-sama To solo players out there: what comms do you use?

View Poll
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