A band playing in a cathedral in Kassel, Germany (circa 1920s)

2021.10.18 04:02 froggysaysno A band playing in a cathedral in Kassel, Germany (circa 1920s)

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2021.10.18 04:02 whospatlaw1 Tested my Garmin Approach R10 this weekend!

Got my R10 last week from Ebay for $800 and played a local course this weekend 10/17/21. I normally shoot around a 110 on it because I three putt a lot.
With the 3.70 update, it picks up my drives pretty good and don't have any issues with irons or wedges. I normally hit a driver 200 carry and about 220-230 total. I notice the total distance lacks on it as the ball doesn't seem to "run" as far. I am seeing a 190 carry and about 200 total average on my drives with the current setup below. The red circle is where the R10 is at, about 7ft from the tee.
Here is the round I played this weekend which seems pretty accurate considering it only shows a 1 or 2 putt depending where you lay up on the green.
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2021.10.18 04:02 Arch3591 Full metal teeth piston, half, or no metal?

A friend of mine just stripped his piston and I'm looking to replace it. Our play style however is mainly quick and responsive semi-auto, very very rarely full-auto. However, just under 2000 rounds, he stripped it today while doing semi-auto.
What would be an ideal piston to replace to avoid stripping again for a player who mainly focuses on quick semi-auto firing?
I considered this one with the metal teeth being situated to the front, but would like a second opinion first!
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2021.10.18 04:02 froze_gold should I quit lifting for a while?

Trying to eat more protein in my deficit has limited my food choices completely and isn't cost effective. I eat a tub of greek yogurt most nights and several protein shakes a day. 2300-2400/day average.
I really want to continue building muscle but I also really want to get to 150lbs. I'm stuck around 164 right now. (Lowest was 160 this week on Monday)
Starting to think I'm wasting my time dealing with this cognitive dissonance over what to do, so maybe.. cut out lifting for a while and eat less..?
Can't lift and not eat about 2350 cals a day tbh. I get extremely hungry.
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2021.10.18 04:02 butchthedoggy After over 1600 hours in this game, playing on and off since launch, I have finally hit max level on all 16 of my characters

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2021.10.18 04:02 HAPPYGAMER000 I made Darly Boxman in 3D!

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2021.10.18 04:02 WildGrowthGM That terrifying feeling when...

Another business owner is on their way out the door at the Farmer's Market and says "Hey Josh, what's the 5 scariest words you'll ever hear? I found your Reddit account."
I respond "Oh haha, my business one?" (This one)
"No, your other one"
So thanks Kevin, I spent an hour looking through my comment history on my throwaway account lol. Thankfully, I realize I say the same things online that I would say IRL and probably don't even need a separate account haha. But that made me go "ohshit ohshit ohshit" for a while there! Ya punk!
Btw, if you want some outstanding, AMAZINGLY crafted macarons that will change your life, pop down to the Freight House Farmer's Market and visit Kevin at the Macaron Madness stand. Everything Kevin makes is absolutely sublime, and if you have an interest, ask about the ingredients and the crafting of how they are made. Trust me, get at least a 6-pack and try several, even ones you don't think you'd like. I'm as picky as they come and I've loved ALL of them. Truly a professional at work!
And be sure to tell him to stop scaring Josh like that!! My blood pressure is too high as it is! :)
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2021.10.18 04:02 xiaopb My tortilla chip looks like Vermont.

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2021.10.18 04:02 boring_suburban Any KFBF play Dead by Daylight?

I'm looking for more people to play DBD with as a survivor. It's cross platform so no worries which platform you're on. If you're interested you can send me a friend request. My handle is Suburban Tyo #fac9.
See you in the fog.
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2021.10.18 04:02 Disastrous_Amount148 Buy more if you can and hold

We are apes 🦍 strong πŸ’ͺ let’s fucking go
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2021.10.18 04:02 random_numb 0.491974232033

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2021.10.18 04:02 yneos East Tennesse - spider parent and child?

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2021.10.18 04:02 DRKdragon969 Why is it their first thought is to post about it on reddit

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2021.10.18 04:02 nickslicktricks All hands on deck The Captain is here!

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2021.10.18 04:02 AkronTheFolfsky Give me some good Berdly matchups (list the connections.)

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2021.10.18 04:02 argine-ine Dear Irish girl who I met on Omegle who likes chocolate milk,

It has been about a day shy of a week since we met. I wished you'd stay in contact but I guess you weren't in a good situation for this. Maybe I didn't express how sad I'd feel after we part ways enough, partly because I wasn't brave enough and partly because I didn't know yet; but deep inside, I think you know that I miss you quite a bit.
How have you been? I remember saying I didn't quite like chocolate milk, but even though I prefer good old fresh milk, I sometimes still drink chocolate milk. I hope you are able to balance your responsibilities between academics, work and helping your mom take care of your siblings. I've already said that I respect you a lot for that, but I guess saying it again wouldn't hurt. Being on honour roll with all those responsibilities is not easy for sure.
I'm so sorry I couldn't stay a little while longer. I set a timer to cut my internet after a minute and I completely forgot about it. You wanted me to stay and talk more with you, and even though you weren't ready to stay after that day, I would have stayed if I was able to. I guess maybe I'm a little dramatic, but I guess having that conversation with you gave me a little more hope for the future. Hopefully you feel the same too. I'm not religious myself, but I feel as if I'm an angel with my wings clipped off. I would love to accompany you more in your journey in life, and if I could now, I'd send a star to guide you. And maybe you didn't want that, but you wanted me to stay for that day, and I feel quite guilty for that.
I've improved on my bad habits, and I hope you improved on yours too. Is it wrong to hope that you still remember me? I still remember most of the details in our conversation, and I really don't expect you'd do the same, but I still hope you remember talking to me. The last few days have been really hard for me, since I was just thinking of how you felt after that happened and whether you'd still remember me. Somehow I still wish that maybe you or someone who knows can come across this and connect, and maybe one day you'll be brave enough to reach out. Deep down inside, I know I've told you enough to find me, and I hope that you'll seek me out once you are ready. Maybe this is just wistful thinking and blind hope, or even just selfish for me to place such a burden on you. But I really hope our paths will cross one day, and we would both still remember and have a glass of chocolate milk or whatever and chat about our lives. Maybe you're thinking the same thing as I am right now.
I still remember you saying "only you can change yourself", and back then, it wasn't in the best context and I was being overly pessimistic/apathetic, but now I know that I need to change myself for the better and embrace my "tainted" self. And I'd do this for myself, for both my current and 13 year old self, so I can finally say my 13 year old self is proud of me. I too, hope you listen to my advice and live your life to the best extent, with or without me.

With memories,
Your Guardian Angel
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2021.10.18 04:02 CommunicationNo2260 [Xbox] [H] call sign rl banners [W] credits

I have black, orange, sky blue, and a few others just lmk if you are looking for any
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2021.10.18 04:02 DamnNorwegian Decided to paint a plague doktor, happy with the results.

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2021.10.18 04:02 SixteenTimesTheTodd Praise Todd Howard

Praise The Legendary Game Developer Todd Howard
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2021.10.18 04:02 ZookeepergameProud41 Can anyone rp talia for me

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2021.10.18 04:02 sleep-deprived-thot hunt from a few days ago!

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2021.10.18 04:02 cullen_7 Got inspiration from a recent post and made a triple layered fleece hand warmer. Will come in handy soon πŸ”

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2021.10.18 04:02 kinghames my mother is having a calm conversation with my father on the phone what is happening

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2021.10.18 04:02 Sanne244 Dates turn out to be friends of each other. What should I do?

I met 2 guys on Tinder. With guy 1 I already planned a date, but I prefer going out with guy 2 because of the vibe and interests we share. Guy 2 didn't ask me on a date yet. I discovered they're friends (Instagram). They don't know I know this. What should I do?
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2021.10.18 04:02 Ifakuifakall Does Obamacare cover getting fucked by a Moose?

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