DAE Hate that you get a liked match and need to pay to see, instead of swiping?

2021.10.18 02:26 Cash_Crescendo DAE Hate that you get a liked match and need to pay to see, instead of swiping?

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2021.10.18 02:26 pixel_junkie_1 Rep Submariner Glidelock Fragility

Hey guys, for those of you with extensive rep Submariner experience, how reliable are the glide lock mechanisms on the high end models? Any of you had one go bad over time or have you had clasp problems in general? Not talking about defects upon receipt but curious if they wear out with use over time.
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2021.10.18 02:26 Phairis Had a dream last night about a trans woman. She had an interesting name that I'm sure we're all jealous of

Her name was Mac&Cheese and she was rad af
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2021.10.18 02:26 Eku__ It's amazing how much the Thunder trust Giddey. 18 years old, youngest player in the league, and they are completely comfortable letting him run the show.

It's amazing how much the Thunder trust Giddey. 18 years old, youngest player in the league, and they are completely comfortable letting him run the show. submitted by Eku__ to Thunder [link] [comments]

2021.10.18 02:26 Saucystepdaddy if you fall, i will be there. -Floor

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2021.10.18 02:26 DaBladeForce EC Sensor Help

Hello all, I am currently trying to set up a school project which involves testing soil samples via an EC sensor, here. I began testing with a push button command that would allow ESPHome to see if a button was being pressed on the 8266. I got it to work but I am having problems on implementing this sensor into ESPHome. Any help would be appreciated into adding this custom sensor into ESPHome.
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2021.10.18 02:26 Tough_Morning8916 Lumbar surgery

Sciatica with lumbar scoliosis
A little background..I had sciatica pain last fall and the doctor recommended just a small foraminal surgery at the L 4 level. Recovery was a piece of cake! Fast forward a few months and the pain was coming back. So the doctor put me on gabapentin. That felt great and while washing windows something popped and I’ve been in agony ever since. And after visiting sports medicine doctor and consulting with a neurosurgeon I had injections and they switched me to Lyrica. Now the neurosurgeon wants to do an L4 L5 fusion now with possibly needing to fix the rest of my curve in 10-15 years. Trouble is, I’m almost 57, I’d be in my 70’s by then! Then he tells me it won’t be him doing the surgery as he’s moving to NJ. I’m going for a 3rd opinion but I know it’s going to be surgery. Anyone else on here have lumbar scoliosis with sciatica and have surgery to correct it at my age?
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2021.10.18 02:26 cdmn1426 Amazon 2022 roommate finder

dont want to be total loner lmao
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2021.10.18 02:26 jmarie777 Updated portfolio for bot

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2021.10.18 02:26 II_Warpigs_II Tengo problemas con mi padre y no se que hacer

Tengo el contexto. Naci en el 2003 de octubre del 22, actual mente vivo con mi madre y hermana y hermano ambos mayores de edad. regresando a la raiz del problema mis padre y madre siempre tuvieron problemas en las cuales poder llevar su relacion, devido a esto desde que se casaron siempre mi padre se emborrachaba y golpeaba a mi madre llegando incluso a causarle un aborto por los golpes, "asi es realmente tendria 4 hermanos, no es irrelevante en esta historia" a lo largo de mi infancia puede observar como mi padre engañaba y le pegaba a mi madre incluso a mi hermano, un fatidico 2017 del mes de a finales de julio cerca de las 12 de la media noche. nos encontrabamos mi hermano, madre y mi persona durmiendo en la misma cama (mi hermana no se encontraba devido a que estaba en un partido de futbol) mi padre golpea la puerta asi que mi madre decide abrir la puerta.
en eso mi hermano y mi persona escuchamos un fuerte golpe y llantos, asi que decidimos ir haber lo que sucedia, encontramos a mi madre en el suelo sangrano siendo golpeada por mi padre mi padre se le lanza hacia el mientras que yo regreso a mi cuarto por una bate que tenia guardado de lo paso a mi hermano y decio salir a pedir ayuda en pantaloneta, lastimosamente ese noche estaba lloviendo asi que debes en cuando me resbalaba por el suelo, en el inmenso frio de esa noche me dirigui a todos los lugares donde pensaba que estaba mi hermana para que llame a la policia, la busque por unos 10 minutos entre la multitud que estaba presente y no la encontre, asi que decido regresar a mi casa, pero veo como mi padre esta afuera de la casa, asi que decido ir a la casa del novio de mi hermana, para pedirle ayuda apenas voy llegando a su casa veo como van llegando policias a mi casa (hasta el dia de hoy me pregunto quien fue el que llamo a la policia).
una vez llego se lo llevaron no obstante a mi madre y hermano se los llevaron a un hospital. mi hermano se fracturo la mano derecha por defender a su madre, ....
soy un hombre y se que pude ayudarlo para que el no resultase de esa manera pero lo unico que pude hacer es correr y no pude conseguir ayuda doy lastima o asco como hijo. despues del suceso de ese dia mi hermano fue a colocar una denuncia la cual mi madre siempre se negaba a colocarle a mi padre. asi que sucedio se lo llevaron y permanecio en la carcel 3 años, salio en los comienzos del covid 19 . mi padre se dirijo una tarde con guardias de policia a asu lado apenas llego yo fui el unico que lo abrazo mientras miraba como los demas (mi madre y hermana y una vecina que se encontraba hay lo miraban con odio y nauceas), aun me pregunto ¿cual fue ese impulso que me movio hacia el?
mi padre pidio algunas cosas como ropa y sus cosas de valor que el tenia "hay posibilidades de que fuera esa tarde como por las 6:30 pm para poder quedarse en la casa es una teoria que dijo mi madre" pero lo que el no sabia es que tenia una orden de alejamiento. asi que simplemente no podia quedarse en esa casa asi que los policias simplemente lo fueron a deja a otro sitio en el cual el pueda quedarse... los meses fueron pasando y años en los que el seguia llamando a mi madre para poder hablar con nosotros, pero mis hermanos y yo no queriamos por miedo un miedo que fue inculcado en mi, por parte de mi madre fue en ese momento que compredi el miedo que tenia mi madre hacia el.
por motivos de la vida esto continuo de esta manera mi madre tuvo el apoyo de sus hermanos y de la familia de mi padre, quiero aclara que la casa y el terreno en el que esta construido es de mi abuela por parte de mi padre, mi madre aun no se a divorciado de el asi que se viene una pelea de abogados por ver quien se queda con que.. no obstanque dentro de un semana cumplire 18 y mi padre dijo que quieres hablar conmigo.
asi que no se que hacer necesito ayuda. respondere cualquier pregunta que me quieran hacer.
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2021.10.18 02:26 Ea7-a55 Hhmmm

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2021.10.18 02:26 Salty-Frosting-9605 Stupidly funny

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2021.10.18 02:26 National_Goat_1423 Boa noite galera !!!

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2021.10.18 02:26 Accomplished_Heat698 Is that an instrument?

I hear this FX in many songs someone knows what kind of instrument is this ?
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AL2E1JDw2cA (1:48)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ivp8WysQhUA (0:28)
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2021.10.18 02:26 Thirteenera /r/wow Mods are secretly removing negative threads. Damage control much?

Im assuming you've all seen post on frontpage about Mike Ybarra selling boosts. I wanted to see what people in /wow were talking about it. To my surprise, i couldnt see any post about it. I checked 5 pages, nothing. Oh well, ill post it myself.
Lo and behold, Reddit tells me this link was posted before already. 3 hours ago. with 170+ upvotes, and a LOT of comments.
But... according to /wow, this thread does not exist. You will not find it on the frontpage. Or any page. Or even in you go into /wow/new. The only way to access this page is by using Reddit's duplicate link checker, or by directly going to it from the OP's profile.
And yet the thread is not marked as deleted or removed. Its just... quietly made invisible.
This also reminds me of another incident from a few days ago, when a video of Captain Grim (famous WoW machinima maker), titled "WoW players playing FFXIV", using WoW video and WoW models was removed for breaking the rule of "Not being related to WoW".
I mean, we all know /wow is a shitshow. But it's becoming even more of one, it seems.
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2021.10.18 02:26 that_one_idiot8 I’m confused. Am I a lesbian? Or a-romantic?

I’m a gender-fluid person. I have always thought I was a lesbian because I can only imagine myself with anon-male and never showed any interest in men. However I sometimes wonder if I’m faking it and that I might be a-romantic. This is because I have never felt romantic attraction to someone unless they showed interest in me or looked queer. (I might have a chance with them) Sometimes I get butterflies imagining myself with a friend but it always goes away for the most part. I always dreamed about having a non-male partner but I’m wondering if I’m forcing it and I am just experiencing the want for a life I have dreamed about with a non-male . I don’t know. It might sound dumb. I just really want to marry a non-male and I’m afraid it’s all based off some false belief. Maybe I might be something different?
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2021.10.18 02:26 Sounds_Good_ToMe Grupo Pão de Açúcar vende 71 pontos do Extra ao Assaí e deixa segmento de hipermercados.

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2021.10.18 02:26 FlyinIllini21 Schultz with life advice for the other shrimp. 🍤🍤

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2021.10.18 02:26 secondaryessaygod How many possible sets of quantum number values are there for a 4f electron?

I said 7, because ml values can be -3, -2, -1, 0, +1, +2, +3, and the number of orbitals are 7.
But this is not the right answer. What exactly is this asking for?
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2021.10.18 02:26 Leaks-Logs SHOP AVAILABLE

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2021.10.18 02:26 Ajawad87 Oh, you two are dating now?

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2021.10.18 02:26 jazzmaster1245 Is working in hospital administration a good career choice?

I am currently working in a small clinic and love interacting with biotech companies that provide us with surgical equipment. I also love seeing all the financials related to the procedures such as reimbursements and coming up with ways to save money. Should I go into it? I’ve heard there are a lot of politics in hospital administration
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2021.10.18 02:26 PixelTey The bath time accident

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2021.10.18 02:26 JellyfishComplete370 $PROG Why it’s the easiest Short-squeeze with atleast high double-digit upward potential (Insider backstabbing by Athyrium)- Its still the highest shorted stock with a lot of catalysts happening

Progenity, Inc. engages in the provision of molecular and specialized diagnostic tests to clinicians. Its products include Preparent Carrier Test, Innatal Prenatal Screen, Riscover Hereditary Cancer Test, and Resura Prenatal Test.
Case for Short-Squeeze

  1. Prog has one of the highest SI (about 64%) while only one entity is trying to keep the price suppressed (Athyrium).
  2. CTB continues to rise everyday as per Ortex data
  3. Ortex has issued all 3 signals of short-squeeze on Prog
  4. It’s a penny stock at a price that anyone who is in stock market investing can easily buy and hold to add to buying pressure.
  5. Price jump from 0.88 to 2.5 brought in a lot of 0.5, 1, and 1.5 calls option ITM for 10/15
  6. The company shorting it doesn’t have unlimited money supply to keep the price suppressed unlike a hedgefund that can/does divert all their money to control any stock they want.
  7. Catalysts: Prog already got a patient approved October 5th but no PR because of the Athyium manipulation below (personal opinion).
a. Evidence (Look at the date of recent patent)
  1. No unlimited money for Athyrium to short: Athyrium isn’t in core business of shorting to make money and continue to do until they win. This factor alone along with buying pressure will force them to wave white flag within days-not weeks.
Why Athyrium is shorting is and is in trouble now.
  1. Athyrium has a pattern of suppressing price to buy low as many shares as they can to take control of the company and then sell at a premium (Evidence)
  2. However, this time around Athyrium gets caught with Prog where retail picked this stock and brought into light of short-squeeze play.
  3. Shorting means that this insider has to cover its short position eventually and they don’t have enough time and only hope is more share issue which is not happening until November 20th and actually may not even happen if squeeze happens before end of October.
  4. They hoped that retail eye won’t catch prog and hence they can cover lower when the time comes
  5. Evidence of Athyrium manipulation: (https://www.athyrium.com/case-study-verenium.php). This article clearly shows that Athyrium is not new to this and was able to do this before, only difference is that Prog got retail attention making it difficult to manipulate easily.
a. Barcoding: The price is experiencing barcoding last whole week where it moves by 10 cents and then whole day is a move of max 4-5 cents each day. This is their tactic to continue buying lower to accumulate and hope retail pressure doesn’t come in.
b. Way to break barcoding: With enough volume in even 1 day, tables will be turned and any price above $2.5 in coming week gives majority control to retail to make squeeze happen.
Scenario 1 of Short Squeeze.
1. With enough volume (500 Mil to a billion), the play will be totally out of Athyrium’s hands because it can lead to a price range of $2.40-$3.25 hopefully this coming week.
2. This will force Athyrium to cover its position and trigger a gamma-squeeze effect prior to 10/15.
Scenario 2 of Short Squeeze.
1. Continuing with first scenario, the price will be in $5 and above range in following week of 10/15
2. Buyout option is still on the table which means Prog can never be sold under $5 and price decided for buyout is $8-$10 so every retail investor makes money while Athyrium goes home defeated with their lesser shares and whatever price.
Scenario 3 of Short Squeeze.
1. The buying pressure from scenario 3 continues leading the prog price in high double digits, leading to no share issue possibility at all and buyout still happens which means still atleastt 50%-70% premium on that price (Let’s say $25 + 50%-70%).
Scenario 4 of Short Squeeze (Least desirable for retail investors).
1. Athyirum continues to do its shit plan and keeps price down before buyout. They will cover at lower cost and everyone holding shares makes just good enough profit at $4 price buyout.
How to make squeeze happen:
  1. Significant ITM calls buy volume for those who love option play.
  2. One day of 300-500 Mil in volume with buying pressure to just start the squeeze this week
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2021.10.18 02:26 Ghill01 A mansion built in 1911

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