Seated meditation reaction question

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2021.10.18 03:24 vernazz10 Seated meditation reaction question

Does anyone else feel such a sense of calmness or evenness from seated meditation that they feel almost disconnected from others? As if the things in life that you can’t control are no big deal and so you struggle to empathize with others’ suffering?
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2021.10.18 03:24 hiddentalent1 Ghosted by two different people, or just life getting in the way?

I'm currently multi-dating and seeing two different women. The first one we've been on about 5 dates, and she's always hard to pin down but we always have an amazing time when we go out. She's flighty by nature, but we usually text each day with a whats up, how are you, etc. this weekend she needed to "disconnect" and while she was active on FB and instagram, no texts from her (though I did get a drunk call at midnight last night). So far today, not one text.

The other girl was distant yesterday after a morning text to her, then i got a few texts later. she said she was having car problems and the day sucked. we talked back and forth about 4 times then that was it. I said good morning today, and nada. I haven't said anything other than good morning because I don't want to come off as clingy. We've been on 3 dates and have one scheduled for Wednesday. It's just off because we talk every day, actually quite a bit. it's our M.O. Now this is fall break weekend, and they both have indicated an issue/annoyance/wanting to disconnect.

Is this ghosting or a just a bad weekend for communication for me lol?
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2021.10.18 03:24 tiapriv how to watch season 5 and on?

hi y’all!
i just finished watching the first 4 seasons on hulu but i saw there were more episodes. where did everyone watch those episodes and movie? i have multiple subscriptions but none of them have the rest of the show.
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2021.10.18 03:24 Ok_Ranger9186 Increases in COVID-19 are unrelated to levels of vaccination across 68 countries and 2947 counties in the United States

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2021.10.18 03:24 Zestyclose-Push4694 HODOR!!

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2021.10.18 03:24 ArtisticResult685 Rob Oliver Band - Tease You Around (2021) A song I wrote about seduction, if you like it hit the follow button. It costs nothing and it makes a massive difference to musician trying to get into a crowded market. Thanks.

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2021.10.18 03:24 bruhmoment9624561 Giratina raid on me need 5

9152 6230 0650
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2021.10.18 03:24 sonotashley Navel piercing advice

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2021.10.18 03:24 Consistent-Theory881 Advice on PSU vs UTD

Hi everyone!
I’m currently a sophomore studying data science at Penn State. But I’m thinking of transferring to UTD (University of Texas at Dallas) for data science.
Since I’m having trouble with the weather here in PA and it’s become insanely expensive (55k) for a penn state degree. I was hoping to get some advice on what to do( transfer or not) And how much the employability would change if I transfer.
Thanks in Advance!! *note: I’m a TX resident
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2021.10.18 03:24 theorangegamer1414 Which should I get?

So I was considering getting the xbox series s but then thought if i should get a gaming pc. I have a ps4 and have been a playstation fan for while, i just upgraded my controller which makes me feel like i should get a ps5. THOUGHTS???
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2021.10.18 03:24 okbrunch I love how joe thinks he’s the best guy on the planet when he’s actually the worst.

So fuck Ellie I guess…. Oh and fuck Henry too.
Joe has so much potential to be better but he’s so warped in his own way of thinking. The shit he says sometimes makes me think he’s a borderline narcissist.
As fucked up as it is I kinda wanted love and him to work out. Maybe the could’ve been recovering murders(serial killers?) or just straight up Bonnie and Clyde but no.
What I would’ve love to see happen:
I would have loved to see them work through issues all the while killing people and the next season the start finding like minded people and try help them recover from killing people and maybe they even manipulate people into killing for them. In the end of the bloody mess they get caught. One of them confess everything while the other blame the other for all the crimes.
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2021.10.18 03:24 stickybuns34 Will somebody throw for me to get celestial

Im tired of getting knocked down
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2021.10.18 03:24 TheVoidMerger Re-do of the design. Intro to be commented.

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2021.10.18 03:24 That_Alien_Dude Butt Stuff

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2021.10.18 03:24 SpendChoice How to attach a safe to a car (with cable)

I recently purchased a small safe (GunVault NV300) and was wondering how to attach it to my car. I have a Chevrolet Sonic 2018. I was hoping to use the cable and attach it under the seat but don't see where/what to lop the actual cable around.
Pretty much the only time I actually lock the gun in the car is when I'm in a "no carry" zone such as the police station, government building, or school when I pick the kid up. Other "no carry" zones I just don't go to. The chances of a break-in at the police station or court house are probably the lowest of any place you could park so I'm not worried about not getting ULTRA MAX SOLID STEEL SAFE 9,000 SUPER PRO!!! That was a subtle jab at a "one upper" friend of mine. When I showed him the safe he literally rolled his eyes and said "Good luck getting the proper rivets through the mounting holes on that thing". I'm going to be driving rivets through my car.....
Anyway, everything I've read says to "attach it under the seat" but, like I said, what exactly do I attach it to? I don't want the cable to impede the ability of the seat to move on it's track and definitely don't want to loop it around any of the data/electric cables under there. If someone could describe what to attach it to, it would be appreciated. Trying to find pictures of how to attach a gun safe under a car just floods your browser with ads for guns, safes and cars (FML) and no actual useful info.
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2021.10.18 03:24 TravelRN2021 Do you agree or disagree with the sentiment that you can get through (practically) anything for 13 weeks?

I'm in week 4 of a 13-week long assignment in a psychiatric ER. For me, it's totally grueling. Counting down the days!! But I won't throw in the towel!
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2021.10.18 03:24 Lazy_Green_7223 Trading

Trading 280 Robux+Tax For Royale High Diamonds
Trading ROBUX STUFF In Different Games That Can Be Bought With 400 Or Less Robux For Royale High Diamonds DM ME Please
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2021.10.18 03:24 TheOtherGuyReddit Does anybody know why my game keeps crashing? As of a few months ago I'll play a match, and while loading into the next the game shuts itself off. Any tips? It has never been an issue until recently

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2021.10.18 03:24 Sonya1st I planted Japanese maple seeds and this popped up. Doesn't look like a Japanese maple, according to pictures I have seen.

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2021.10.18 03:24 PedaleFrancisca HYPSM Or CHYMP?

For the last few years, Columbia has consistently been ranked in the top 5, this year tied with MIT and Harvard for 2nd place. Meanwhile, Stanford has consistently been raked out of the top 5, tied or beaten by schools like UChicago. Isn't it time to redefine the T5 as Harvard, Yale, Princeton, MIT, and Columbia?
Just wondering y'alls thoughts. Also ik a lot of people on this sub are in Cali/SFBA, but I urge you to think from an international perspective. For example, most Europeans see YPC as right below Harvard, but don't know Stanford is that good (even if it is in reality).
Also, this sub has a LOT of bias towards computer science. Taking a more broad, international look at top colleges, I think this T5 is fair.
Then, T4 computer science is of course MIT, Stanford, CMU, and Berkeley.
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2021.10.18 03:24 Coalbus The North Korea Mini-Doc that Wubby is talking about...

Does anyone have a link to that? I would like to watch also.
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2021.10.18 03:24 cognitium What dating was like for bodybuilders back in the 70s

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2021.10.18 03:24 DepartureEffective99 should I give him a Chance

Ok so me and my so have been together for a little over 5 years now and in the past we both had problems with drugs he was also very emotionally abusive he would blow up randomly yell at me and I'd get upset and cry he wouldn't even care it would actually make him more angry to the point he would end up assaulting me he choke slamed me more than once in situations like that he would also take my money any time I tried to discuss my feelings about anything that he'd said or done that hurt me he'd call me crazy dramatic ect ... anyway those are just a few examples of what went on in our past well we both went to rehab and he's gotten a little better he doesn't hit me anymore but he has in the last year and a half choked me twice he still tries to tell me I can't talk to my family the last time I tried to discuss it with him he said he didn't want me to get a job he still blows up at me alot but it doesn't get as intense but he has started smoking weed again which is better I guess than the drugs he was doing ...that's his excuse anyway Im just so confused he tells me I don't give him enough credit like when I express my concern of him going back to smoking pot... should I give up and move on is it ever going to get any better than what it is now or is he eventually just going to go back to his old hard core ways
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2021.10.18 03:24 Lady_Scrub I have this tattoo on my forearm and I kinda wanna add something to it to make it more feminine. It’s a memorial tattoo for my grandpa. So, I don’t really want to take away from the fish hook. Any ideas?

I have this tattoo on my forearm and I kinda wanna add something to it to make it more feminine. It’s a memorial tattoo for my grandpa. So, I don’t really want to take away from the fish hook. Any ideas? submitted by Lady_Scrub to TattooDesigns [link] [comments]

2021.10.18 03:24 Impressive_Habit5688 💥BONK!💥- $DOBO - DogeBonk - $5mil Market Cap JUST PASSED - He Who Controls The Bonk Controls The Universe 💥

BonkBros, wassaa wassaa wassaaa!!!! We're taking bonks to a whole new level today. Our telegram has DOUBLED in size since yesterday, and our market cap has increased 500%!!
We're on a mission to bonk at the moon and we're hoping you can join us for this ride. YOU'RE ALL EARLY. Congrats. Now let's get to the point. Bonking is a serious offense in most municipalities. I'm not going to tell you to go around, photoshopping a dog with a bat into images of various memes or logos of various coins/tokens in crypto. That'd be irresponsible.
What I am telling you to do, is come join our community for the best meme token of this season. We have raids, marketing, and meme factories. We have camaraderie, HODLers and chips and salsa.
Look, just give it a chance, come to the telegram and if you don't like it, you can leave (hint: no one ever does). For the weak of heart, there's SHIB and DOGE, for chads... there's DogeBonk.
📝 CONTRACT:0x2aa179d90e6e40228697ce08ec55a2367c2ad083
Renounced Ownership:
Get in before it's too late!
See you on the other side. P.S. we're on the verge of eliminating our second zero in two days. Hype af, fr fr bruh
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